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  1. Actually, I've purchased a new Fujitsu Scansnap that allows me to encrypt pdfs before they enter into Evernote, so its actually the unencrypting part that's now more important to me. I can do it manually fine, but I'd love to automate it to speed things up. If anyone has suggestions, I'd be forever grateful. Big thanks, JGS
  2. Thanks. This too was super helpful. What about decrypting an encrypted pdf within evernote? i.e. the reverse of this encryption process. I know one can manually open the pdf, remove security protections in adobe acrobat, then re-save the document, which does the trick but there has to be a faster way of automating this too I'd think? Is there another app one could trigger by right clicking "open with" again? Can you recommend anything? Many thanks for all your help. JGS
  3. Big thanks DTLow, this is super helpful. I have it up and running. The only problem is that when I try to associate the automator app with pdf files as in your second post, I get this error message, which I've tried for hours to fix based on advice from various other posts. Ultimately, I haven't succeed. Any thoughts?
  4. Greetings, I've been trying to recreate andy_dg's excellent app for encrypting pdfs directly within Evernote in this slightly older post, but haven't had much luck, in part because links to the screenshots he posted as guides are now stale in that post. Can anyone recommend how to do this? Seems like a really powerful addition to Evernote that a lot of people would benefit from. Big thanks, James
  5. I've been using Evernote for many years. I have got the error message below very regularly over the years when attempting to export notes: Now, I read this thread very carefully, so respect that other people don't have the problem (see gazumped post above and others above it), so I've been trying to figure out what produces the error that I and others have. Clearly the error is not universal but enough people definitely have it. And to be clear, the export function works for most notes. Here is what I have excluded as an explanation for the problem thus far: 1. It is not a single corrupt file that causes the problem because I can sometimes export each and every note in a batch that will not export together without producing this error; 2. Emptying the trash in Evernote (and on computer) does not solve the problem. 3. I do not think the problem relates to the overall size of the notes to be exported in a batch because other people seem to be able to export their entire notebook, but I'll explore this more because most of my notes have pdf attachments so are quite large. 4. I thought for a while that the export function was struggling with notes sent into Evernote from an email but upon further inquiry that does not seem to be the problem. 5. The problem is not that export struggles with duplicated notes. They seem to export fine as a batch. As I say, there are enough people that have the problem that I think there's definitely a glitch here that's not about my setup, even if it doesn't manifest for others. in any event, all suggestions welcome.
  6. I have this same problem also. It really is super frustrating, partly because it limits the ability to copy Evernote notes on a local drive to another computer but also because Evernote's clearly known about it for many years as this chain of messages shows. Can you please resolve this.
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