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  1. I'd soldiered on with Evernote 10, hoping that sense would prevail and the missing features I'd been regularly using would return. Finally I bit the bullet and installed the legacy version - and what a relief to see all those features I'd been missing return. It would be good to know how long the legacy version might be supported, as I certainly won't be renewing my long-standing subscription if forced to go back to version 10 without all of these obvious features.
  2. I am using the Desktop version 10.2.4 which shows as the latest version when I did "check for updates" just now. I did notice a reference to Screenshot in the release comment for 10.2.4 when I did that check - but the right click on the taskbar no longer gives me the screenshot option.
  3. It's not really a solution to say "use other software" to do screen grabs. I want to be able to clip from various windows desktop apps, where use of the web clipper isnt an option. For example, I would clip data from Family Tree Maker into my Genealogy Notebook, so I could refer to it when I'd switched away from it, and I want to take a clip of a number of cells from Excel or MS Access to save database work to a Notebook - and there are many other examples using other non-web apps. Even the web clipper isn't a full solution for web-based clipping, as some web pages disable clipping - for examp
  4. I do wonder if Evernote really look at how their users actually use the product in real-life situations. Sure they can see that certain features are key for certain types of user. Now I have retired from the IT industry I don't need quite so many features, but rely on the screen clipping functionality aside from the web clipper. Indeed there are many web pages you can't clip with Web Clipper, such as certain banking sites, but the desktop clipper would do the job. After many years of use it does look like it's time to look for an alternative.
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