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  1. +1. The "new reminder" button (after "+" button) is inconsistent with windows and even with android app itself. In windows, by default a new reminder has no date; its easy to input one if needed. Same thing with the alternative way to create a reminder in android: entering the text note, then clicking the reminder icon, sets a "no date" reminder by default. Why not the same behaviour with the "New reminder" button? What makes EN think the default reminder should be tomorrow? Even further, if you use the "New reminder" button, it's not only not the default, it's just impossible to create a reminder with no date (correct me if I am wrong). Would be so simple and fast: 1.-Click "+" then "Reminder" 2.-Input text 3.-Click OK to get a "no date reminder" 4.-Alternatively click in the calendar icon to input a date and time, then OK
  2. +1. A simple tweak to make it possible would help to many people, and I don't see how it would disturb the rest...
  3. I agree with this request. It's been years waiting. At least could be implemented as a tweak, it definitely would help input of quick short notes.
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