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  1. +1. The "new reminder" button (after "+" button) is inconsistent with windows and even with android app itself. In windows, by default a new reminder has no date; its easy to input one if needed. Same thing with the alternative way to create a reminder in android: entering the text note, then clicking the reminder icon, sets a "no date" reminder by default. Why not the same behaviour with the "New reminder" button? What makes EN think the default reminder should be tomorrow? Even further, if you use the "New reminder" button, it's not only not the default, it's just impossible to create a reminder with no date (correct me if I am wrong). Would be so simple and fast: 1.-Click "+" then "Reminder" 2.-Input text 3.-Click OK to get a "no date reminder" 4.-Alternatively click in the calendar icon to input a date and time, then OK
  2. +1. A simple tweak to make it possible would help to many people, and I don't see how it would disturb the rest...
  3. I agree with this request. It's been years waiting. At least could be implemented as a tweak, it definitely would help input of quick short notes.
  4. Yes I noticed the same thing, but it seems to be a kind of erratic behaviour: adding another tag to note sometimes updates the newly created tag on the web, but sometimes (most of times) it does not. In fact I got it just once, and I think it probably was because incidentally it coincided with a periodic sync. I definitely think this behaviour deserves a bit of attention.
  5. Hi, Same problem here. If I create a tag in windows desktop, that tag does not appear in web. Notes created with that tag are synced in web but have not the new tag assigned. The tag simply doesn't exist in EN web, so is not assigned to notes. I run Windows10, and last version (6.2) of EN for windows, What should I do next? Thanks in advance. Edit.- ITHINK I FOUND THE PROBLEM. I have "Instant sync" enabled. If I create a new tag and then, BEFORE PERIODIC SYNC OCCUR, create a note with that tag assigned, the note syncs without the tag and the tag itself is not synced to web (does not appear in tags list). It seems that "instant sync" tries to sync a note BEFORE its assigned tag is uploaded to web, that means before that tag exists in EN servers. In the next periodic sync, in my case every 30 minutes, the tag gets updated to web, but the notes that were already (instantly) synced are not updated and don't get assigned the tag. In other words, "instant sync" apparently syncs ONLY the notes, not new created tags assigned to them, which are only updated to servers when a complete sync occur. So if a new tag is not yet updated to servers via complete periodic sync, when a note with that tag is instantly synced, the note loses the tag forever. With current implementation, "instant sync" is somehow incompatible with creating new tags in desktop, unless you manually syncs after creating a new tag, and THEN create a note and assign that tag, which is not very convenient. I hope this helps.
  6. Thanks for your answers. Jeff, I assume you could not reproduce the issue, right? As you suggested, I opened a support request, I'll update information about it.
  7. I'm migrating from another task manager app to evernote, so first I'm throughly testing it. I found a syncing issue relating to tags and I would like to know if other people can reproduce the problem: 1-In windows desktop version assign a tag to a note (first tag for that note). Sync. 2-Go to web version. Tag get synced OK for that note. 3-Back in desktop, assign a second tag to same note. Sync. 4-In web version tag gets sync OK again in the note. 5-Back in desktop, remove one of the tags from the note. Sync. 6-Web syncs OK and remove tag from note 7-In desktop remove last tag from note so it has no tags now. Sync. 8-In web syncing fails. Note still appears with last tag. Actually it happens whenever I remove ALL tags from a note, even if you remove all of them at the same time. Then NONE of them are removed from note in web version. So the problem seems to be related to the "any number of tags" to "no tags at all" transition, as tag syncing works if NOT ALL the tags are removed. Can anyone reproduce it? Any ideas to solve it?
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