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  1. When scanning a store receipt with my S1100 scansnap scanner into evernote everything looks fine but when I go to print the receipt it prints about 2 or 3 times normal receipt size. Its as though when I first scan the receipt into evernotes it scans it as a 8x10 document. This started happening after one of the Evernote updates, not sure which one because I used to be able to scan a receipt and print it out at the same size. Any help please.
  2. I could not sync my Droid to my computer so I reinstalled evernote on my droid. My droid then showed only 2 files which were long ago. I could not sync with my computer. So I then loged off my Evernote account on my computer and restarted evernote and logged back in of course it then synced with my droid and I lost all my data on my computer. How on earth do I get my data back. Please tell me I can. Thanks
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