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  1. I don't think this is possible right now. I hope the editor/note viewer gets a (major) update that allows us to set the font type and font size, as well as more mark-up options. If I'm not mistaking they are working on the latter.
  2. Yes! Just tap your iPhone clock and it will jump to the top of each page, like in every app on your iPhone.
  3. Yup, I also experience this on iPad Air 2.
  4. Evernote was born for multitasking so this will be absolutely awesome.
  5. I totally agree with you Raindog. With Evernote is has been a few steps forward and a few steps back with every update. I remember an iOS version where it was possible to at least choose a few different sizes for headers. Not perfect, but that's not even possible right now. I do believe change is coming soon though, reading blog posts like this. https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2015/09/22/the-future-of-writing-in-evernote. Let's hope we don't get more half-baked new features, but get more focus on that what's already in there. To do what we use it for in a more perfect way.
  6. Agreed! And more reminder-functionality would be welcomed as a whole.
  7. Hello there! Are you using the Safari share-icon to send the PDF-tile to Evernote? If so, try tapping anywhere into the PDF-file: you should see an 'Open with...' option appear on top of the window. Select Evernote there. The PDF-file should be sent into a new Evernote note. From within the note you can make basic annotations to your PDF-file. See more here: https://www.evernote.com/l/ADMBsWouJ_1CZb-SZE8GpZZOKfg6-jpo6Qg. I hope this helps?
  8. No, I like it too! That Gotham font-type is an absolute stunner, too. I only find the notes in the note-list to be displayed too big. Than again I only use the web-interface of Evernote for minor tasks, so my opinion is one for quicker views and no full use.
  9. Indeed. Bulk actions are not possible on iPhone/iPad (just yet). On Mac you can delete multiple notes at once by selecting all the notes you want to delete (by holding the cmd-key when selecting them), and then hitting backspace or by dragging them to the Dock's bin.
  10. I generally don't like the design of Evernote for Yosemite, but...I can live with it. I have now made it all more simple so Evernote looks like a lightweight app again. Somehow, removing the sidebar and toolbar made Evernote for Yosemite work more neatly for me, as I really stumble over these kind of things. Ofcourse I made some trade-offs: aesthetics vs. functionality (which I now all solve through the menu bar). The main problem is by far the toolbar though. I'm sorry to say, but it's kind of hideous. Especially as there are buttons that I do - and will - never use, just like you. Being able to customise the toolbar like in most apps for Mac would solve all of these problems at once. Big +1 for this thread.
  11. I have hidden that hideous toolbar for aesthetic reasons as it cannot be customised. I'm afraid that you cannot search notes without it, though. Using the shortcut to search for notes indeed brings back the toolbar, which is a pity. Wish there was another solution for it. The fact that the menu still says 'Show toolbar' will indeed be a bug.
  12. And does this feature planned? For what this limitation was made? Evernote barely ever tells what's in the making. Hopefully Evernote reminders get an update soon, but from what I've heard/read I wouldn't count on improved reminders in the nearest future. We can only hope: I'm a big fan of reminders and hope they get more useful too.
  13. Big +1 from me too. A (separate) widget for Reminders in Notification Center would be nice too.
  14. When I was a free user back in the days I never hit the quota of 60MB either. Until they improved the quality of audio recordings, resulting in bigger files. If I'm right, there was no option to set the quality of recordings back to low (like it used to be before)...which kind of made me switch. Later they added options to let you choose the quality of recorded audio. Anyway: I'm very glad I switched to premium. Nowadays I use Evernote in many more ways thanks to my upgrade to premium, often reaching about 500 - 600MB/month. Recordings. To-do's. Interesting articles I see on the internet. Even photo's and video files....
  15. I have been using Evernote as my todo-app almost ever since Reminders were introduced. It's far from ideal though, despite some very good task-managers out there (like Wunderlist). Yet all I need for Evernote to be almost ideal is recurring reminders, priorities and a place for it in the widget and the home-screen of the iOS app. It's the one thing I await most eagerly for Evernote to do.
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