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  1. I have the same question. I have the same question. When are we going to get more features?
  2. Many thanks for you help - I've now emptied the trash and this has fixed the continuous syncing problem. Thanks too for your workflow advice; guess I was being a bit dumb as I simply wanted to flick through each note quickly (website screen grabs of garden designs for inspiration). I'm now viewing them using Card View and cycling back and forth using the keyboard arrow keys to show the larger images.
  3. Hi, I've not had any issues with Evernote in the 2 or 3 years I've had it, but today I attempted to merge approx. 60 notes (each with a single image in the note) and Evernote crashed. I've been force-quitting many times but the same thing happens every time. Evernote starts then within around 10 seconds I get the spinning wheel and have to force quit/. At one point I did mange to select 'Check for updates' before it crashed and was able to update to the very latest Evernote version - but this still crashes the same. I'm running latest version of Yosemite. Update: I've managed to delete the note that I think was causing the problem and En has stopped crashing but now EN desktop continually tries to sync and appears to be looking for the deleted file.
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