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  1. I did that, in 2014. I was given the standard "nothing to announce at this point" answer.
  2. You know, I hope so. I started this thread a very long time ago and it's sort of disappointing that it hasn't been addressed by staff yet.
  3. Yes, they have undertaken a huge task and I know that simple is a relative term. They are rolling out all the time with new features, so I guess they are more than able to handle it
  4. Hey, I would like to make a feature request for evernote to implement a text collapse, as seen in coding software such as Dreamweaver. The idea is to make it a little bit easier to organise long lists. Simply mark the desired text, collapse it and then you're able to toggle on and off and eventually remove the collapse when you don't need it anymore. Here's a picture I found: http://www.creativepro.com/files/story_images/20050926_expand.jpg It's a really simple feature, but it would make my Evernote life easier! Philip A
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