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  1. Add me to the list of people who would like to be able to sort the text lines in their notes. It would be nice to be placed at the top of the list of people who had requested this, as I'd be about 66% of the way down if the list of people were sorted... but no fear of that. :-)
  2. Even the free Evernote allows a degree of sharing (one folder, I recall), so our shopping lists are shared. If I could ever persuade my wife to use the shopping lists in Evernote, I suspect this would work fine.
  3. I've put a PIN number on my Android Evernote app to help protect personal data in case my phone gets stolen. But, on my Galaxy S4 it has a drawback. My phone is fitted with the Flip cover, and to put it in your pocket, the cover has to be closed. Once the cover is closed, opening the cover takes me back to the Evernote PIN prompt. When I'm using Evernote to contain my shopping list, this becomes a nightmare: Get to Sainsbury's, open Evernote, enter PIN, find list, go get Broccoli. Put my phone in my pocket while I bag up the Broccoli... What next? Open the Flip cover, I'm back at the PIN. Minor irritation. Milk obtained. Next, Biscuits. blasted PIN number again. Frustrating... On to bread. ARRGGHH! God-rotted PIN number YET AGAIN... losing patience. You see how it goes, and can perhaps guess how it might end. So my suggestion: Have a setting for how long Evernote has to be unused after a successful unlock, before asking for the PIN again. I would set the allowed period of inactivity to about 5 minutes. I'd go round the shop, moving from item to item, and checking the items as I go. Each interaction with Evernote would gain me 5 minutes more during which I could close the case and not come back to the PIN prompt. At the end of my purchases, I'd spend about 10 minutes in the queue at the tills (we are talking about Sainsbury's here...) and so I don't interact with Evernote and my 5 minute timeout expires. Someone steals my phone and opens the Flip case. They get the Evernote PIN number prompt. Ha ha! Serves them right! :-)
  4. This all started working this morning (about 12 hours ago now), when my wife remembered her password. Or maybe it was yesterday morning. I'd migrated to Premium, which allowed me to share my notebook again. This didn't fix the problem though. I'd also uninstalled/re-installed evernote on my wife's Galaxy S4 Mini (because she was getting an error accepting the share invitation). This seems to have been the touchstone. I don't object to paying the Premium price, as I'll probably avail myself of the extra features. So, all's well that ends well, and thankyou for the help offered here. From a technical perspective (I worked in Technical Support in IBM for 37 years) it would have been nice to find out the underlying cause of the "Couldn't retrieve notebook info" error on my wife's phone, but that's water under the bridge now. Incidentally, I tried to update her Evernote (before un-installing it) but was told it was already on the latest version. So it's not a newer version of the code which fixed the problem.
  5. I've woken up in a confused state of mind... I've struggled even to reach this discussion. So I may go quiet for a while, until things improve.
  6. Yes I think you are on the right path. Try uninstalling her app on her phone and then installing a fresh new app. Make sure she logs in using her same name and password as she has before -- make sure she doesn't start a new account when she logs in everything should synch ok, you might need to re-submit the share request to her that she will need to accept again try that and then let us know how it goes, Thank you for all the information we can see what you may or may not have been doing right This was going well until I asked my wife "What's the password to your Gmail account"... we'll have to call it a day at this point and see how we get on tomorrow.
  7. Thank you for your prompt response. I may drop offline sometime soon (late evening here). I have Evernote on my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, and Windows 7. My wife uses it just on her Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini phone. I had a free account, and I shared my "Swift family stuff" notebook with my wife. She could see the notebook, and the contained notes. She could also update them. We use this mechanism to share shopping lists for the retailers we use. This worked fine for a month or two (apart from occasional sync glitches). Then we stopped using Evernote for a month or two (we were on an extended tour in our motorhome, with no internet access). I haven't synched to the cloud (as far as I know). I saw no benefit, and we're both feeling our way gradually with Evernote. My memory's not good (hence Evernote, to keep track of stuff), but I used my free account to share this one notebook, and it worked as expected for a few months, across the four devices we use regularly. So, being a free account, it WAS the first notebook I'd shared, and with a free account, it was set to stay that way... But I may have muddied the waters by upgrading to Premium. This gave me back the ability to share the Notebook Read/Write, but my wife's Evernote (Galaxy S4 Mini) reports "Couldn't retrieve notebook info". It's not a network error, as other apps are working. I wonder if we need to update the release of Evernote on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini? It's conceivable that it's not been updated in quite a few weeks.
  8. My wife and I started using Evernote a few months ago. I setup a Notebook "Swift family stuff" and granted her Modify and Invite access. Today, this has all fallen apart. When she opened Evernote on her phone, it removed her share. When I went into Evernote, I couldn't add my wife with Modify and Invite access. I thought that I could share one notebook in Write mode without a Premium account. Has this changed recently?
  9. Two facts about desktop PC's that may be of interest to Evernote users: They almost certainly don't have built-in GPS They don't move around muchWith these points in mind, would there be much support for being able to define your location in the PC Windows program? This way, when I created/modified notes from my PC, the note would have the correct location defined in it.
  10. Is there a way to empty a note without deleting it, other than deleting the content character by character? (if there's an Android equivalent of "swipe through text", I've yet to find it!) I keep my shopping list in Evernote (as checkbox items). It would be nice to have a simple way to empty the list after I've done the shopping. Having an action to "Delete checked items" would be the icing on the cake (when I failed to find some of my shopping items) I can see the difficulty of knowing the extent of what to delete following the checkbox itself. In my case, this would be "up to, and including the following new-line/". But I realise that this might not work for people who haven't found the new-line key/character.
  11. Please read this thread: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/20092-not-very-happy-right-now/ IIRC, note conflicts only happen when a note is updated from multiple computers/devices within a short period of time. I don't know what that time period is but maybe within a few minutes. Otherwise, it must assume the second update is intentional. It has been said before on this board many times that EN is not a good collaboration tool & that things such as grocery lists are better suited to an app designed for that. Since all the updates flow through the Evernote central server, it's relatively straightforward to reject any update which is based on a version of the note which no longer matches the current state of the note. I've actually implemented such an update locking mechanism, so I know that it's really easy to do. In our particular case, both my wife and I found the note to be empty (nothing left on our shopping list). We both added items. My items ended up in the data, my wife's items got lost. Presumably, my wife updated first, then my update overwrote hers. My update should have been flagged as a conflict, because it was based on an empty note, but the note wasn't empty when my update was applied; it contained my wife's update. Now, if this is what happened, then I'd just have to accept that the update locking/conflict recognition is flawed/missing. But there is a very curious wrinkle... the note was last updated by my wife, but the data in the note is the data put there by me. I cannot fathom how my wife could have made the most recent update, leaving the note content identical to what I'd added, without her ever seeing what I'd written (until she found her own addition missing). There's something very fishy going on here. It would be fascinating to know the sequence of events which led to this outcome. This is one reason why I loved my job... I owned the server. So I could log anything I wanted to log, which meant that I could trace any problem which arose, and fix it. It sometimes took me a long time (three years, to track down a bug which occurred only once a year on average) but I always got there in the end. Funnily enough, my "3 years to fix" bug was a data corruption caused by a tiny timing loophole in my locking mechanism!
  12. About an hour ago, I updated a note that my wife and I use as our shared shopping list. I found the note empty, and added a couple of items, from my Windows client. About the same time, my wife found the shopping list empty, and added 10 items. As things stand now, an hour later, my update is visible on my Windows client, both our S4 phones, and my Galaxy TAB. There is no sign of my wife's 10 items anywhere, nor is there any sign of a conflict notification. According to my Windows client, the last update to the note came from my wife's account... What might have gone wrong? Well, one possibility is that my wife entered her 10 new items, then accidentally pressed some "undo" button. Is that likely? I don't even know if there is an "undo" mechanism. We now have a workaround. Although the notebook is shared, we each have our own shopping list in it, and we've agreed not to interfere with each other. It does seem to make a mockery of having a shared update notebook though. This is starting to remind me of the bad old days when my mail client would tell me than none of my mail items contained the word "hippopotamus" despite the fact that the email I was looking at contained that very word, and it was in plain sight. You get a slight ebb in confidence... Incidentally, if you wonder why I might have the word "hippopotamus" in my email, it is because I suggested to my users that they included that word whenever they were making test updates. It was the first word that popped into my mind when I wanted a word that was highly unlikely to be present in official IBM communications. I'd be able to recognise the test data from the live data. Then my product went international, and Africa was one of the highest take ups...
  13. I realise that these forums are probably implemented using 3rd party software, but is there any chance of being able to store just my birth YEAR in my profile? That way, my age can be estimated (albeit with occasional rounding error) without disclosing data that could be used in ID theft. A colleague suffered ID theft, but the perpetrator was apprehended. It had been possible because a prescription item had been labelled with full D-o-B, and the empty box had been found in the wheelie bin... So, I try never to divulge my full date of birth. I don't mind people knowing that I'm 63 (old enough to have that sense of pride from having such a large number). I do, however, usually describe myself as "Nearer to 60 than I am to 50". Oh, if anyone rises to the challenge of finding my actual D-o-B, you'll find it easily enough. It's published somewhere on the web.
  14. I sort of knew that, but thanks for the clarification. My wife and I are somewhat insular, so in effect we potentially have two shared R/W notebooks between us. We have a Windows Home Server 2011 for most of our sharing needs (Utility bills, Bank statements, invoices/receipts, etc) But Evernote is great for things that we want to share across our mobile phones (primarily shopping lists so far).
  15. Aha! Thanks for confirming my suspicions... I was getting concerned that the Notebook I'd managed to share might have come about via some loophole I'd stumbled upon. I'm an inveterate "fiddler", so this sort of thing happens from time to time. Evernote got a glowing review in the UK Consumers Association monthly "Computing" magazine, but it failed to mention the "one free shared notebook" feature. It was that review which got me started with Evernote. In my fiddling, I managed to re-instate my wife's access. I'm not certain what did the trick, but I suspect it was promoting Louise from "Modify" to "Modify and Invite". Having got this working, I'm not going to fiddle with it any more, unless I upgrade to Premium.
  16. I created a notebook and shared it with my wife. She got SO excited that she clicked the "leave" button, and now she can't see my notebook any more. I tried deleting and adding her access again, but that didn't work. How can we get her access back again?
  17. It had a microphone the last time I used it in a Skype call...
  18. Sorry... fired off my maiden post in a grey fuge of rage...Initially, the note was created on a Win7 PC, within seconds of installing the Evernote .exe Then I turned to the Galaxy S4 phone, installed the app, and found my note. I could see the icon from the note (the image that I pasted in the note) but displaying the note hung, then I got the message about the image problem. The most telling aspect of this episode was that I couldn't display the Getting started note created by the installation! However, after a few minutes, the problem cleared up by itself. See http://www.swiftys.org.uk/wiz?5
  19. I can't work out how to create a voice note in the android app. I clicked the microphone icon but got a text note with no sign of audio activity or controls. I couldn't find a save button, and when I cancelled the note, a 30kb audio clip appeared. It contained several seconds of utter silence, despite my ranting at the device... Is there a "how to do simple stuff" anywhere?
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