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  1. Add me to the list of people who would like to be able to sort the text lines in their notes. It would be nice to be placed at the top of the list of people who had requested this, as I'd be about 66% of the way down if the list of people were sorted... but no fear of that. :-)
  2. Even the free Evernote allows a degree of sharing (one folder, I recall), so our shopping lists are shared. If I could ever persuade my wife to use the shopping lists in Evernote, I suspect this would work fine.
  3. I've put a PIN number on my Android Evernote app to help protect personal data in case my phone gets stolen. But, on my Galaxy S4 it has a drawback. My phone is fitted with the Flip cover, and to put it in your pocket, the cover has to be closed. Once the cover is closed, opening the cover takes me back to the Evernote PIN prompt. When I'm using Evernote to contain my shopping list, this becomes a nightmare: Get to Sainsbury's, open Evernote, enter PIN, find list, go get Broccoli. Put my phone in my pocket while I bag up the Broccoli... What next? Open the Flip cover, I'm back at the PIN. Minor irritation. Milk obtained. Next, Biscuits. blasted PIN number again. Frustrating... On to bread. ARRGGHH! God-rotted PIN number YET AGAIN... losing patience. You see how it goes, and can perhaps guess how it might end. So my suggestion: Have a setting for how long Evernote has to be unused after a successful unlock, before asking for the PIN again. I would set the allowed period of inactivity to about 5 minutes. I'd go round the shop, moving from item to item, and checking the items as I go. Each interaction with Evernote would gain me 5 minutes more during which I could close the case and not come back to the PIN prompt. At the end of my purchases, I'd spend about 10 minutes in the queue at the tills (we are talking about Sainsbury's here...) and so I don't interact with Evernote and my 5 minute timeout expires. Someone steals my phone and opens the Flip case. They get the Evernote PIN number prompt. Ha ha! Serves them right! :-)
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