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  1. The responses to Merry are the rudest tech support responses I have ever read. I have the same desire Merry did to have an app lock for my Windows 7 PC desktop THE SAME WAY I DO ON MY IPAD. Why can't you folks just admit up front that Evernote does not provide such an app lock for the desktop. THEN you can make your useless suggestions. As soon as my Evernote subscription runs out, you can bet I will cancel the automatic re-up.
  2. So unfortunately, I do not have a Mac, only a lowly PC.
  3. And I've seen movies where the poor victimized password holder was forced to give up the password by virtue of having had one of his fingernails or, indeed, a tooth, forcibly removed. You folks must have some national security documents you're trying to protect. I try not to get too paranoid about it, although I do go straight to the Web site I know rather than clicking on a link in an email. And I have caught one phisher by reporting him to PayPal. My wanting to use strictly a fingerprint Touch ID stems, I am afraid, just as much from laziness as it does from a desire to be completely secure. But then, I don't keep any national secrets on my devices.
  4. I was very grateful when both Apple and Evernote decided to incorporate Touch ID. However, since I can and do use Touch ID, I fail to see the point of having a Password, whether or not it is shared with Google or any other app. When I have to restart my iPad Pro on an airplane or in an airport, for example, where someone may be sitting right next to me, I hate having to hide my Password when I type it in. And I hate having to remember Passwords or having to keep a list of them. And when the app that has my passwords loses the data, I get really frantic. That has happened to me. Other people can hack my data, although I truly can't imagine why anyone would want to. But they can't hack my fingerprint. And I don't have to try to hide my finger when I use Touch ID.
  5. Where is Note History? How do I get there? I'm running iOS 9.1 on my iPad Air 3. After I encrypted several notes, one of them disappeared entirely, one of them is blank but the title is still there, and one of them is green with 3 copies of the note, one following another, and this last, the green note, can't be edited.
  6. Yes, Simplify Formating > Make plain text DOES WORK on the iPad Air. ALL TEXT in previously jumbled fonts changes to the same size! THANK YOU!! HOWEVER ... it has chosen to change the text to something like Roman, I greatly prefer something like Arial. I hope you can suggest a way to change the font style on iPad Air. I really appreciate your help.
  7. Since there are ways to change Evernote font size on Mac, Windows and Android, I find it ridiculous that there isn't a way to do it on iOS. What, does Evernote hate Apple?
  8. I know this is for Windows, and the last answer was for Mac, but I use an iPad Air. Pages in my Evernote look really jumbled because I add to them by copy & paste from other documents. Is there a way to change font size on iPad Air? Thanks for any help you can give me.
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