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  1. A million thanks to those who told me how to go back to v. 6.25! I thought I was losing my mind! The crowning blow with v. 10 was when all my notes disappeared..........blank, zippo, gone, though the notebooks remained. Fortunately, I was able to confirm on the website and my phone that they truly still existed. That's when I went looking for others' comments on v. 10. Big sigh of relief - I can get rid of dark mode in left panel. All the options are back - why would they remove all options??!! - so I can specify notes to work the way I want, and most important of all, I can put my shortc
  2. I'd like to be able to specify a specific sorting method that would affect only the notebook I'm working in. For example, the default sorting I've chosen (date, with newest on top) works fine for most of my notebooks, but I have notebooks that list different categories of ebooks that I've bought. I'd like to sort these notes by name (which is the title of the book). I haven't read all 1500+ posts that mention sorting, so I don't know if this has already been suggested/discussed. Anyone else see a need for notebook-specific sorting?
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