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  1. Any updates, Jack? As I understand it, my installation of Evernote should allow me to e-mail a copy of a note, but this is all I see when I navigate to: Note => Share Note... No sign of "Email a copy" in the bottom left of the window as observed in others' screenshots. Is there somewhere else I should be looking? Here are the details for my Evernote installation: 10.8.4-mac-ddl-public (2349) Editor: v118.1.15148 Service: v1.28.1 © 2019 - 2021 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved
  2. Going to keep my response to this brief, because the juice doesn't seem worth the squeeze on a Friday afternoon. I fully expect Premium users' concerns to take priority given their financial contributions to the project. That seems only fair. However, I'd like to think the Evernote team also cares about the concerns/frustrations of Basic users as well. You aren't doing EN any favors by alienating those who would be glad to subscribe to Premium once critical issues like this are sorted out. Additionally, even basic users put a lot of trust in EN when they invest time and energy incorporating this software into their daily workflows. As such, even Basic users have a right to be at least moderately irritated when a straightforward way of interacting with non-EN users is pulled without warning. I will, however, cop to shooting off my mouth too quickly with the use of "infuriating" in my post. Poor choice of words for expressing my frustration. Thanks, Jack. I do appreciate you following up and staying on top of this conversation.
  3. It's certainly not true that printing a native website to PDF from a browser window will generate an output with "exactly that look". Elements used in web pages frequently don't translate well in the conversion, hence my interest in using the clipper tool to pare the content down before routing it to a PDF format. This is a great suggestion, and works well for some sites. But not all. I would much rather be able to select a level of web clipper detail (e.g., "Simplified article"), take a look at the preview as displayed by the clipper add-on within the browser window, and then generate a PDF that looks as close to that as possible, without routing anything to an Evernote notebook (or, perhaps, sending the PDF itself to a note). The content looks different once it arrives in an Evernote note from the clipper tool, and printing to PDF via the browser interface when the clipper preview is shown produces an output that often does not mirror the preview (e.g., many elements hidden by the clipper tool in the preview are included in the PDF when using this approach). If it's possible to save a PDF that looks just like the clipper-generated preview using only the browser, I'd gladly use that approach. But printing to PDF while the preview is loaded in a browser window doesn't work in my hands. I'm pretty sure this is the same request the original poster was describing as well.
  4. Just wanted to voice my own displeasure with this change, and the speed with which it's getting addressed. Absolutely infuriating for those who use this function routinely. It's pretty obvious this change was meant as a way of nudging your user base to passively pressure friends and colleagues to sign up for Evernote accounts. I should be able to share my saved content without imposing a new tool on those I work with. Please make this a priority. Nothing else the EN dev team is working on right now is as important to me as restoring this feature.
  5. I'm really surprised this post hasn't gained traction since 2018. It very nicely sums up my sentiments about the clipping tool. Namely: Why is there no way to capture clipped content as it appears within a web browser before it is moved to Evernote (where it loses most formatting and looks much worse). It's frustrating to be able to "see" the content with the exact formatting I want to capture, but to have no way of grabbing it as a PDF without resorting to third-party tools. Does anyone know of a way to save a PDF of the preview that Evernote displays in a web browser (say, for "Simplified Article") using only Evernote or the browser's capabilities?
  6. +1. Shocked that this is not yet incorporated given the rich functionality throughout the rest of the application.
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