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  1. Thanks for all the informative replies... but unfortunately it doesn't (quite) work for me: Create temporary tag: would kinda work when I do my taxes but not when I'm looking up older tax declarations, tax returns etc. I usually start collecting all tax relevant stuff and start filling out forms (hey, this is Germany, so there's a *lot* of forms to fill out) in january. Tax-relevant documents arrive as late as March. So I would have a 3 month window in which I would have to think of adding the tax2013-temp tag... given my aging brain, this is bound to fail (after all, I use Evernote to work
  2. Hi all! Afaik, Evernote search supports either boolean AND (just concatenate search terms) or boolean OR (use "any: ..."). Is there any way available now or planned for future releases to support full boolean search, that is: combine both methods. Real life example: I use Evernote to keep track of my tax records and for my yearly tax declaration. For this I have tagged all relevant notes with tags "tax", "<year>" (e.g. "2013") and "tax-longterm". Tag combinations like "tax 2013" mean "this is a document relevant for 2013 tax declaration". But there are also older
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