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  1. This is what I get for trusting the product and taking any updates... Shipping a feature incomplete beta as an official update is unacceptable. They obviously knew what they were doing, since Evernote Legacy is a thing. I'm glad it's there, I installed it right away, but it seems like they're just gauging interest for the missing features by seeing how angry the userbase would get. Those tactics are common in free software, but they're not acceptable on a paid service. Internal Links don't work with Evernote Legacy, so even if I stay there, I'm losing features... I've been a Premium user for 7 or so years and this is the first time I'm actively looking at alternative services to migrate to.
  2. Here goes a very emotionally invested +1
  3. I'm glad that it's a known issue and it's being taken care of --- for a second I thought I was the only one using bullet points extensively on EN and the only one bothered this much by this issue! My premium just expired, and I'm holding my renewal hostage until this is fixed. I'll gladly renew my premium once this issue is gone. For the moment, this issue has forced me to use other programs, so I'm using EN less and less (against my will! I would really love to have this issue fixed and do all of my writing work on EN, as I originally intended to!) I'll keep this thread bookmarked
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