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  1. Piss poor planning Ben. This only shows a lack of Impact analysis and risk assessment on the part of Evernote. Get your ***** together or sell the company to someone who actually cares about making it better not just cheaper to run. Hell, for cheap you can get a USB drive and share it on the Internet. That would be really cheap for Evernote to run; you would of course never have gotten the cultish following some companies crave for. You should embrace that "cultish" following and try to cultivate it and being what Apple used to be. I can tell you unequivocally, that if Apple puts in some indexing features similar to what EN has, I would walk. What used to be a proud use of the product has become more of a burden not knowing where the company is going, why they raised my prices, and what is the roadmap so I might be enticed to having hope and sticking around. Although i do not have geographical limitations accessing EN, I think the way in which this was handled is extremely unprofessional. EN should offer these affected people full access to the service at n/c indefinitely in my opinion. You guys are big boys and girls. Start acting as such.
  2. Look, I don't really care if you are good with all of this. I may be OK if I do not get jacked up again. I am going to make a decision and it will not be in any part based on YOUR warm and fuzzier on the situation. If you cannot see that they raised the prices and suddenly they moved to Google and think that they needed money to make the move thus making us fund it, then good luck. We got a price increase, quite a large one and got nothing really for it. This is a decision that I am sure they did not make last night, they must have known that they were going to move to Google before they raised the prices. If they were going to save all of this money from moving to Google, why raise the price of the service? I can draw a picture, but I am sure you get it.
  3. We got our prices hiked. We are paying additional $$ now so EN can presumably make improvements (no roadmap, no foreseeable improvements re: encryption, capacity etc). However I will bet you that we will see another price increase in the near future. EN is hurting and the reality is that OneNote and now Apple notes is making a move into the once dominated EN space. I happen to like the interface and have a lot of notes so I have taken the price increases with a grain of salt, but I am a little pissed off that my money went to EN releasing itself of the upkeep of servers to supposedly be in a better place to make "improvements". I should not speak for you, but "I" feel I am holding the bag because I do not trust Google. They are dirty and have a long standing record of mining data and using it for marketing. They are the reasons I moved away from all things Google. I get the delineation between their free and fee business, but I don't think they do or will.
  4. I am with you JC. I feel the same way regarding the price:feature. I think this is benefiting EN and Google and we are left holding the bag.
  5. I have been a premium user since I started years ago. I have over 3k notes and I curate them and merge them etc on a weekly basis as part of my workflow. I have seen prices go up and up and up. I have seen slow adopting of features and technology quite frankly. I feel you guys recently hiked the prices to pay for this "supposed savings effort". The only one that is benefiting here is EN. Are you eventually selling to Google? Google has Keep that seem to be making it rounds and getting a second look. Like I said, you continue to increase the price and put our data in the hands of the people most everyone distrusts. I am 100% Apple as is my family. If there is an easy way to migrate to Apple notes, I may do that. They have come a long way since the old days. I am frustrated with your decisions because you are pawning it off like a great thing, but reality is, we are not getting a discount, we are not getting new features, we are not getting more storage, we ARE however going to get mined. Whats in it for us? Why should we remain loyal to EN when all we get is kicked in teeth? I will give it some time and see what EN is going to produce with this huge benefit and huge savings..... probably not much except for another price increase to fund the next "benefit" for EN.
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