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  1. Problem still present in Version 6.13.1 (455785 Direct)
  2. I have this problem with Reminders display - I get it to go away by dragging a width adjustment, even the slightest, to that pane (in Side List View) and it always redraws correctly by this action. I figured it was "my fault" because I have more reminders than will fit without scolling, and so I am very happy to hear it's not just me. I'm unhappy with the bug - it's disruptive to workflow and just plain jarring. Older versions didn't do it. Not sure when it started.
  3. Kremik writes "Search box is toooo small (narrow) if you want to add a notebook to narrow the sarch results it fills the entire field and you can't see what do you search for. " And I want to add my voice in strong agreement, that I find this a crippling change to the interface. I can't imagine what a designer would be thinking there. (Advanced) searching is absolutely critical to non-trivial use of EN, well at least when you've got 1000+ notes, saved searches as search templates, etc. It's quite disheartening when you're hoping for some fixes and all you get is more broken stuff. Help! A great fix would be to have two kinds of search bars in the toolbar customization widget set, a fixed size one, and one that expands like the "Flexible Space".
  4. I have a support ticket open on this. They acknowledged that it's a bug and it's been escalated to the development team. Just upgraded to Version 6.13 (455674 App Store) and the problem is still present (as you'd expect).
  5. It may be related, that the first click on Tags removes all sorting, and that the secondary sorting stability "feature" is gone. Anyway I made a simple picture of what happens. I will submit this to support (as a paying customer), and report back. Thanks, -Rob
  6. I have conventions for note titles, tags and notebook names that leverages column sorting in List View. I am finding a very significant change in sort behavior I think starting with this release (also I checked that this new change is still present in 6.13 beta, so no clear immediate hope for a fix). Specific example: click once on Title column header to obtain Title sort (either ascending or descending). Click next on Tags header and all sorting, indicated and actual, vanishes (or is replaced with some indiscernible sort, and no arrowed column header). Click Tags header again and obtain tags sorting, however, secondary sorting on Title is now lost. The old behavior was very desirable and useful, that is that in this example, the title sort would have been preserved as a secondary sort key, evident in ranges of equal primary key (here Tags). I think I recall from an old CS course that this property of sorting is called stability, hence my subject line. So really there are two problems here in my opinion, likely related, the stability that used to allow secondary sorting is gone, and that clicking a second column has first the action of removing all sorting. If this is a feature, I'm missing how so. Seeing this on macOS 10.13 and macOS 10.12.6. Update: I've been messing with this more and the problem seems to only afflict Notebook and Tags columns, both the problem that the first click on that column sends the whole view into an unsorted state (and with no sort arrow showing anywhere), and also the loss of stability, i.e., secondary key sort. I think it's reasonable to expect that Title sort would be preserved for equal Notebooks in list view, as it used to be. I'm surprised nobody else seems to care about this... anyone?? Thanks, -Rob
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