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  1. Mine updated to the same. Your right. Not working! Evernote not on the ball it seems! ☹️
  2. In our Business we have 3 x Evernote Branded Fujitsu scanners. They are all linked via USB to Mac's and one of them is updated to Mojave. The Mojave one is reporting that soon the software will need to be updated and won't work. It is currently working fine and scans well straight into Evernote . So do the other 2. But having read all the comments above, it seems that they will continue to work as long as they are plugged in to the mac's via USB? We like the scanners and we like Evernote for scanning invoices and storing them for searching. We are loath to change from this system,
  3. Omnizen: I agree with everything you say. We have had exactly the same experience as yourself. We use evernote as our main data storage for everything. But when it comes to real collaboration it really doesnt work. The best evernote has is a note has been updated and therefore shows in the latest note updated box. It doesnt show what was updated or by who! Yes evernote has reminders. But they dont link to specific tasks or to individuals on the team. Please Evernote, learn from what Omnizen has said and please implement in your next update. We also are already using Dropbox Paper and it w
  4. Had exactly the same problem. and yes , its the watch app, removed and now all ok! many thanks for this!! ???
  5. Updated to 6.13.1 and no search box re size! - Surely its a simple fix Evernote!!! Make it larger, or its very difficult to search within a longish named notebook or after a Tag.
  6. I agree. annoying. I reported on twitter @evernotehelps. ( searchbox too small ). They reported back the team is aware and are reviewing it. This was on 7/11/2017. It has caused me numerous problems in the last week or so. https://twitter.com/evernotehelps/status/927938438803918848
  7. I am finding it displays some notes with a simple table and 2 pdf's in it are unreadable. Any thoughts on why or how to resolve
  8. Have just updated and tested on iPad. And it's definitely improved. Load speed ?? Not crashed ?? Notes that were blank are now showing ?? So i am a lot happier. ? I could comment on items i do miss. Search across personal and business accounts ☹️ I miss presentation mode. ☹️. One area that would be a great improvement would be; "along-side note commenting", rather than workchat or in addition to it. Dropbox Paper are doing that bit well. Overall Evernote .... ?...? ???
  9. EN asks on ipad and iphone everytime to sign into iTunes. Very annoying. I am about to try out the rest of fixes ! I agree with others, aside from the problems, its a lot slower, sticky slow! I am an EN supporter. But i do keep looking at the alternatives at the moment. Am loathe to do so as i have a few evernote scanners that the business uses. I would request thet you get these deep down speed problems sorted. Also i do miss the presentation mode, and i dont like the separation of personal and business accounts for search purposes. Frustrated!
  10. I am using an ipad 2 and an iphone 6+s . When using the web clipper on safari. I am unable to change the notebook it sends it to in evernote. Its defaulting to a business notebook and it is impossible to change to a personal one for example. When trying to do this it just crashes immediately and diesnt send a clip to evernote. I have turned it off and closed safari and evernote. Rebooted the device! Tried numerous reboots with it turned on and off. Still no fix. Any ideas!
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