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  1. When I first investigated sideloading I learned that it was possible to download Android APK files directly from the Google Play Store's website. Given that the Play Store will still install v8.13.3 for versions of Android earlier than 10 it should be possible to grab an officially blessed APK file that way. As to third-party sites, APKPure.com has an entire archive of Evernote versions up to 8.13.3. I've never seen evidence that APKPure's files contained malware or viruses, despite the question coming up frequently (viz Quora last month). Indeed, once you've installed v 8.13.3 ( after yo
  2. My reference to a roll out schedule was tongue-in-cheek. It's pretty clear at this point that forecasting is not the company's strength. My point was that by six months after a product's release it's silly to excuse limitations and persistent problems as mere rollout issues. A 10k note limit in v10 when the Legacy apps and "Classic" web UI have no such limit begs the question: why was this limit added to v10? Why exclude some Premium customers from using a different web UI? A vaguely plausible explanation would be their "always online" design for v10 clients has an intractable limit that slows
  3. I'm in almost the same boat as you. I don't have any Apple devices however and my most recent Android devices are only up to Pie (9). My options for satisfying any v10 curiosity were the PC desktop (never again) and the web. In the past I'd used the web interface on the rare occasion I was restricted to a Linux box. Nowadays Android tablets, VNC, and SSH have removed even that use case. So it appears I'll be sticking to Legacy versions for the remaining months of my Premium subscription. There are worse fates.
  4. I have no doubt, er, little doubt you are correct. This begs the question of how many months of v10's deployment can be honestly be described as a roll out. In a little over a week it will be six months since that accursed Evernote email notice arrived to tell me "The new Evernote is here." Certainly customers should be advised of a roll out schedule, no? I've received no such notice from the company. Without your help I wouldn't have realized I was a second class Evernote Web citizen. This morning I tried web access again and was rewarded with a large popup notice asking if I wouldn't li
  5. My only choices were those indicated in the image: that version or the previous version. Frankly, it never occurred to me that my choices for a web interface would somehow be dictated by the number of notes in my database. What possible difference could it make for an interface design? But at 11k notes I would probably be over the threshold you mention. The software design decisions of this company continue to amaze.
  6. At a glance I appear to be using Evernote Web v5.33.0 from Firefox on a Windows 10 PC. I'm guessing you were using something else.
  7. Hmm, ehrt74's response doesn't seem particular detailed. I wonder why. Out of curiosity I just checked a tablet equipped with Android Evernote V8.13.3 (June '20 release) and the sidebar, for example, seems indistinguishable from the new, improved web version. That said, I must recant a previous criticism of Evernote when comparing it to Joplin. A check today showed both apps returning proper results for Japanese, Russian, German, et al. The lack of search results I previously noted had only been observed using the New! Improved! web interface. That would be same interface that flashed the
  8. This would be a more relevant argument if people in this thread were complaining about XML or the API. But they aren't, are they? They're complaining about the client software and (especially) the poor decisions being made by Evernote the company. Your TLAs aren't magic shields that can protect you from Ian Small. Your Joplin comment manages to be both ignorant and specious. The GitHub version of Markdown is widely used but even if Joplin used a lesser known version of Markdown I wouldn't care. Joplin's export options include HTML and PDF -- both of which I think you'll grant are reasonab
  9. Wow, that seems unduly harsh. DTLow has merely adopted the iffin'-it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it approach to an established workflow using the Legacy version. That's a perfectly reasonable approach for some people. Others of us have found it time to move on and started exploring or actually migrating to other software. A mild sense of panic or being peeved can be useful if used to spur one to action. In any event, Ian Small's never seeing another dime of my money. Not addressed to me, but for what it's worth here are a few thoughts from someone who's shifted to using Joplin unless a featu
  10. We are in violent agreement on almost all points. The difference seems to be you define "support" along the lines of "it was working the last time I checked" and I define it along the lines of a product warranty. Your Windows XP computer in the attic might still "work" but that doesn't mean you should expect support from Microsoft. The API being rock solid doesn't mean jack if you rely on access to servers you don't control. Evernote has shown they can add and kill program features and subscription terms whenever they wish. Hell, Ian Small's opinion of tags seems to have changed
  11. Oh, there's no question that Legacy works. For now. It could continue to work fine for another decade or HQ could hit a kill switch tomorrow. But if you started having syncing problems tomorrow is there any doubt in your mind that making a support request would result in anything other than "You need to upgrade"? In addition to Legacy for Macs and PCs the company has also (inadvertently) introduced Android users to the joys of sideloading as their route to a Legacy equivalent. I'm not sure if that qualifies as a public service or not.
  12. Officially v10 is the only "supported" version. So I guess it has that going for it. The company has it own sound reasons for the shift to v10 but customer satisfaction doesn't seem high on their list. Releasing v10 in such an unfinished state has been pretty much a disaster. You should bear in mind the company has clearly stated that they are making the Legacy version available for download but it is no longer a supported product and will only be available until v10 had reached some unspecified feature set. So your ability to download Legacy could end at any time. Are they specific on ho
  13. I have stopped tracking v10 iterations because I find other hobbies more rewarding. And it would be a hobby at this point. (I use PC and Android devices, so PinkElephant's cheerful Mac/iOS reports are irrelevant to my situation.) I check this forum from time to time to learn from other people's workflow and alternative product reports. As a Premium account holder I'm using the Legacy grace period to verify Joplin meets my needs. EN as a company has simply lost my trust.
  14. Since you're a big fan of information perhaps you'd like to share with the rest of the class your evidence that EN is indeed "clawing back to offer working v10 clients." Because a lot of people keep using words like "slow", "buggy", and the like. When someone complains they find 10.6.9 unusable on a Mac that is in fact useful information. It might not be at the level of detail to help developers fix problems or to warn users which particular features to avoid, but it's not the ****ing job of paying customers to help a company debug software that should never have been released in such a state.
  15. As Grand Moff Tarkin once put it, you're far too trusting. Once you've concluded that v10 should have been presented as a preview/beta/work-in-progress instead of as "the new Evernote" you have to ask yourself, why was it released in that shape? The missing features people have complained about aren't bugs, they're design decisions. Ditto for the font choice limitations, etc. So why should we believe that the company will "fix things" when management has already given the green light to reduced functionality? It seems to me there are three explanations for the premature v10 release: 1) ma
  16. Alas, at the bottom of the page describing the Legacy version (i.e., the way it used to work) it says it's only for the Mac OS and Windows versions: In theory one could side load an earlier version on Android. If you/I/we had known how bad things would get we could have saved the earlier version of the application, its APK file. It would be easy for them to deny access to our information on their servers if it detected an earlier version however. UPDATE: A web search revealed a site with an archive of older versions: apkpure.com. I'm sure there are others. How much you're wi
  17. Never attribute to malice that which may be explained by incompetency. And shipping v10 before it was ready and then leading people to believe it was ready is not a sign of competence at the top. Ian Small may indeed be the CEO the company needs to survive. I am certain however that I can't take his or the company's promises on faith. As to tags, I use them as just one example of missing functionality. Tags may not be a big deal for me or you. They've been around forever though and I have yet to hear anyone make a case that they shouldn't have been put in the product in first place. Indee
  18. If they are able to make improvements so quickly then why were they in such a rush to release it? It arrived with a bunch of problems that should have been caught in QA. Not to mention it was missing features that people rely on for their workflow. To be fair, I highly doubt the developers were in a rush to release something so unfinished. That was almost certainly a management decision driven by a CEO who didn't think tag support was a big deal.
  19. Welcome, kinsman! There doesn't seem to be a drop in replacement at present, so your options are limited by what you most value in what's now branded as the Legacy version. If you are happy with a product that only works on Mac OS and iOS, for example, then DEVONthink is worth looking at. Reviewing the previous comments in this thread will provide numerous other candidates, again depending on what capabilities you most need/want and which EN capabilities you could easily live without. I am currently testing Joplin because it appears adequate to my needs even if it falls far short for othe
  20. This comment would be more useful if you indicated how EN users could more productively manage their information. If you were trying to encapsulate the current attitude of EN corporate management, however, then full marks. Indeed. EN is a useful tool because it provides easy access to a database's information, its organization, and its presentation. Crippling those abilities in favor of a new facade is expecting customers to accept an inferior product. Telling customers they shouldn't be using a product as they have been using it for years is at the core of the problems many of us hav
  21. Yeah, the majority of the posts in this thread are assessing v10 as "not ready". The company could have avoided a lot of drama and ill will if they had offered it as a preview/testing/beta release. Instead the email I got announced "The new Evernote for Windows has landed." There were no disclaimers. As the poet noted, "The large print giveth and the small print taketh away." To which I'd simply add that once lost, customer trust is not easily regained. I think your practice of regular offline backups is wise. So is holding back on client updates until some of the dust has settled. And yo
  22. I wholeheartedly agree. I only refer people to that list so they know some alternatives exist, not to endorse particular choices or to pretend that 25guy's criteria are definitive. A program might tick a feature box but that's no guarantee that the feature has been implemented well after all. And while I personally have a lingering fondness for programmable folding editors (Leo, Org-Mode) and simple tools like TiddlyWiki I would never seriously suggest them to people as replacements for EN. (Indeed, I would strongly prefer to just keep using EN Legacy, but that option isn't one I have much co
  23. I've been pointing people to 25guy's list of Evernote alternatives. The short answer for those happy to live in Apple's walled garden seems to be DEVONthink. For the rest of us our best choice greatly depends on the features we consider essential to our workflow. My use of tags and text formatting is rudimentary when compared to the way others here use EN, for example, so Joplin is at the top of my evaluation list. Others in this thread have found Joplin's lack of <X> to be a deal breaker and so are looking at other options. I have yet to hear of an alternative to EN that won't take some
  24. I don't see much hysteria but I do see a tsunami of ****** off customers. It's true that the legacy version is stable. It's also true that EN management has deliberately chosen to not guarantee that stable version will work for a set period of time. Why? It's clear to everyone that v10 was simply not ready for release. Worse, people who've tried the pretty but barely functional v10 have lost hours/days of work from changes to their notes thanks the new software. There's no good reason that should have happened. And I wouldn't describe the other emotion as hysteria so much as desperation -
  25. I already have Android, Linux, and Windows machines in my life so I'm somewhat skeptical of adding Mac/iOS devices to the mix to simplify my life. However my Ryzen desktop machine has more cores than I normally use and plenty of RAM, so perhaps a Mac VM? No, that way lies madness.
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