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  1. I think that you are being prudent. I think this is a great opportunity for Evernote to move in the right direction.
  2. Again, use Google then---you are missing my point--If Security is your only issue then go ahead. But don't tell me Google is 1. To be trusted with any information (thats pretty ironical isn't it) and 2. That Google offers the same features that Evernote does.
  3. I can see Security being a killer for many Evernote users---and that makes much sense. But don't let anyone tell me that the other other applications, in this particular ecosystem are anywhere near as functional as Evernote. Take Bear for instance---great security scheme, but from what I hear, its not a professional application and lacks many of the features that I rely upon. I'm not even going to get into the horrific synching issues with OneNote--just horrible. Also, the constant whining about Evernote isn't helping at this point, because nothing management does is going to satisfy
  4. Played around with OneNote---horrible--synching is miserable. I'll hang in there with Evernote---I've always been resigned to the fact that once I store my data on someone else's servers, I'm pretty much at their mercy. It goes with the territory.
  5. Obviously nothing has happened since I first posted this in 2014.
  6. We live in the era of FREE. A lot has to do with this bizarre concept that somehow everything on the Internet should be free ie. it doesn't cost anything to develop and maintain applications. Oh, woe be me, I can only use Evernote on two platforms--life has ended as I know it .
  7. Problem is I have almost 50 notebooks. I sure would like it if we could just share stacks.
  8. I am trying to share a stack with a colleague. As Evernote doesn't allow this, I came up with the following solution. I will export the stack to Dropbox, allowing my colleague to access it. I understand that this will not allow her to make changes or additions, but that's not the issue for us. She just needs access to the information. The idea would be to send her an updated .enex via Dropbox each week. Will this work, and what do you think the draw backs will be? One concern is that each new .enex will be saved to her Evernote account and thus she will have redundant notes. Any ideas
  9. Thanks for your input. I sense that people using this great product want to refine it so it fits their needs. Different people have different needs and this means that everyone is not going to be totally satisfied. I must say, that other then this sharing issue, this is one of the best applications I have ever used.
  10. Again, it would be nice to hear why this is not part of Evernote. Did a search and many people have requested it. One would think it makes much sense.
  11. Thats a bit convoluted, and of course, I'm only asking for the option to share a stack. Perfect example. I am currently the co-executor of a rather complex estate. Within my stack I have a host of notebooks, each having a unique purpose. I want my co-executor to be able to access all those notebooks without sharing each one separately. Anyhow, I still really like the product, and I'm learning new things about it every day. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  12. Sorry---Got my answer. No stack sharing supported. Would love to see this implimented.
  13. I think you have something here. Keep up the good work refining it.
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