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  1. Why is this marked as solved? I just scanned a document with ScanSnap. It hasn't synced in the last 30 minutes. This is very annoying. I'd like it to sync please... It's available in the web, so it's not an issue of ScanSnap not sending to Evernote...
  2. I also finally managed to get it connected via the Wireless Connection Tool. It took a few tries and my trouble-shooting wasn't methodical enough for me to share how I finally got it to work (sorry). Also, it now takes a few minutes for it to connect each time I open the scanner lid (not immediate the way it used to be). But, at least it's working wirelessly... I'd also like to share with the thread that you do have the option to turn the Scansnap Evernote Edition scanner into the regular Scansnap IX500 scanner. You'll still be able to scan directly to Evernote through the Scansnap cloud,
  3. You don't have one of these scanners, do you @DTLow? The driver only really works in conjunction with Evernote. Installing the regular Fujitsu scanner driver would be a blessing at this point. What good is having the fastest fighter jet without fuel? Objective polls say otherwise (see Google Trends interest in Evernote). How does Evernote expect to sustain it's business in the longterm with performance like this? As a premium customer, I was hoping to find out...
  4. @applejedi1, the point that I'm trying to make, is that Evernote chose to partner with Fujitsu and sell a co-branded product to their customers. They are responsible for the partnership and accountable to their customers for the user experience. When I buy a Macbook from Apple and the hard drive breaks, I run to Apple to get it fixed, not Samsung... What I feel shouldn't happen in this type of partnership, is that the customer is left to deal with the problem and no party feels responsible/accountable. This is currently the case in that Evernote is pointing at Fujitsu, and Fujitsu (at le
  5. @Jay-Bob (CC @DTLow), I just received the response from Fujitsu support: Für den Support des ix500 Evernote Edition ist Evernote zuständig, wir können für diesen Scanner keinen Support anbieten. Ich bitte um Ihr Verständnis. Translation: "Evernote is responsible for ix500 Evernote Edition support. We cannot offer any support. I thank you for your understanding." This is really shaping up nicely... Now what? @EverNote please let me know if you'd like me to forward the original support response.
  6. While I also didn't appreciate @DTLow's tone, there is a certain pragmatism to his point. I've contacted Fujitsu (to get on their nerves). If anybody else would like to push Fujitsu as well, here is the link to the relevant contact page: https://www.fujitsu.com/global/support/products/computing/peripheral/scanners/contacts/fi-series-contact.html It says this is for the fi-series, but ScanSnap scanners are available from the support dropdown (and the Scansnap page doesn't seem to offer a separate contact option, at least that I could find).
  7. @DTLow, to be clear: I'm not trying to troll the Evernote forum. The product is co-branded by Evernote and was advertised by and sold to me directly by Evernote. If nothing else, Evernote is the vendor from whom I bought the much advertised product, which is no longer working as advertised. As such, I am addressing my issues with my contractual counterparty. I expect that Evernote has much better access to people at Fujitsu than I do. I expect Evernote to work together with Fujitsu to make sure that the updates are released in a timely manner. I believe this is not an unreasonable expecta
  8. Hi @Jay-Bob, Thanks for replying. However, I'm really starting to question Evernote's future. I've been a (paying) customer for quite a while and have the sense that Evernote is barely managing to keep up with other market options, let-alone demonstrate leadership in the space. Frankly, I find it annoying that Evernote is trying to point fingers at a partner for flaws in this process rather than to show accountability. My hypothesis is that customers who buy scanners were/are power users and committed to Evernote (above average). It's a shame that these are the customers that are be
  9. Dear Evernote Team, please include a checkbox not to show this warning in the future. While I understand that you feel you need to dummy-proof this feature, I assure you that some of your customers are not imbeciles. This is particularly nerve-wracking for those users who have high engagement with the App, since they are confronted with this message frequently. This is not the customer segment you want to annoy ;-) And, should we customers make the mistake of moving something after having elected to suppress the warning message, then you will have CYA and we will be fully accou
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