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  1. Thanks keisoko - not got the Study yet - I guess it should be with me when I get up in the morning.
  2. Getting a message from Firefox (v 66.0.3) that the Evernote Webclipper (v 6.13.3) could not be verified and is therefore disabled. Anyone else having a problem. Windows 10 pc
  3. Hi using Snagit and Evernote Output option (to my Evernote account) Images output to Evernote are time-stamped 1 hour later than time of output. Image itself is correctly time-stamped within Snagit but time-stamp is 1 hour ahead of output when it arrives in Evernote. (so an image captured at 09.01 and output to Evernote at 09.05 is showing in Evernote as being at 10.05) Any ideas what to adjust where to resolve the problem? Thanks John Version Details: Snagit v12.2.2Windows v8.1 (with all patches / updates installed)Evernote v5.8.8.7837
  4. Thanks gazumped Is it possible to run saved searches against the current context too? - if so how? regards John
  5. When I gain access to a shared notebook (someone invites me) I loose all control of what notes I see. My default view is ordered by Updated Date (with most recent at the top). The incoming notes from the shared notebook just drop on top and mess up my working view - to be more specific their presence means I can't so easily see the notes I have created which are more important to me - most of the time. Is there a way to keep the notes from a shared notebook out of the general view? - a toggle on /off would be the best way for me. thanks John
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