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  1. I have a possible bug, curious if other EV Windows users have this issue. When I copy an internal link (Menu > Note > 'Copy Internal Link') and paste the clipboarded note into a different note's body, a leading space will appear before the clipboard's contents. Here is a screenshot of said situation; at the end of the phrase 'This is the target note.' I have a single-space. You can see a second space was added just before the phrase, 'This is the source note.' (I selected the two spaces for visualization; they appear in grey). Interestingly, this does not occur if it is the first line of a paragraph.
  2. Can someone please remind me: What are all the auto-formatting text shortcuts in Evernote iOS? I know creating a table can be done by inputting square bracket sets (e.g: [][] creates two columns). And adding “x2” to the end of the two bracket sets will create a two column, two row table. But what were the other auto-format tips again? I recall the release notes on the App Store awhile back mentioned them all.
  3. Evernote [Released: September 22, 2017] was the first clean install for me. Any subsequent releases were causing this issue.
  4. Competitor Notion allows users to change the 'cover' image. I'm not trying to threaten any changes, but just mentioning that this is what competition does in a business environment — find gaps they can fill.
  5. I'm sure they are aware of the situation, but their inaction suggests they have not yet come to a resolution for the issue.
  6. I had to downgrade Evernote a few times, finally settling on [Released: September 22, 2017]. I even had for awhile but text input was still sluggish.
  7. I have three monitors; Evernote is always open for me as well. I'm literally doing nothing while waiting for the sync (no keystrokes, opening other windows, etc.).
  8. All the time. The method of reproduction I mentioned in a post on Tuesday is still happening with
  9. My method of reproduction is simpler than that: Search for something (keyboard shortcut F6) Go to a note that pulls up from search result and place cursor in note (in the Note Panel view). Start typing. At that point, the text that I input will not appear on the note. It's as if I changed my focus to the Desktop or something other than Evernote. Waiting before typing doesn't resolve the issue either; so it's not a strange hangup due to the Syncing. Double-clicking in the body of the note also has no effect. Heck, even opening the note in a separate window doesn't change the outcome. And this is with me having downgraded to Evernote I apparently have to downgrade even further back in the Windows 7 releases to thwart the issue.
  10. I've been having issues with entering keystrokes while editing notes. Preamble: I prefer editing notes from within the notes panel (not with notes as a free-floating window) since it reduces the number of windows on my desktop. I'm noticing when I switch back to the Evernote window from a different app the cursor will be blinking in the note panel, indicating any input or keystroke will add corresponding text. But when I start typing, nothing gets input. I will then have to place my cursor back in the notes panel where I want to input or change text manually and start typing again. Evernote for some reason is not wanting to go back into edit mode when I switch back to the app. The issue popped up within the last month or so. I'm currently using Evernote This has never been an issue before.
  11. Thanks DTLow. I tried playing around with various MIME types. Somewhat difficult to find the right ones that would cover all the bases. For example, resource:application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet will pull up .xlsx but not .xls spreadsheets.
  12. Tried searching the web and here; but couldn't find the answer. Does anyone know what the search syntax for Microsoft Word documents is? I'm asking for the common file extensions like Word 97-2003 (.doc) and Word Document [Word 2007+] (.docx). I had noted the syntax resource:application/msword used to pull up Word documents; but I am only getting this search to hit some of my notes (in EV Going off on a tangent (to help other people), other file specific syntax, for example, resource:application/pdf , works flawlessly to pull up Portable Document Format (.pdf) files. Image formats like .png, .jpeg (but not .jpg), and .tiff work well too: resource:image/png resource:image/jpeg resource:image/tiff resource:image/* (asterisk standing for wildcard - which will pull up results for all of the above image types) However, .svg (resource:image/svg) does not work; but it is included in the wildcard search (strangely).
  13. Something to consider for people who use search syntax: When using search syntax (searching tags by typing: 'tag:YOURTAGHERE') is to make sure you use double quotation marks around the tag phrase. Otherwise Evernote will treat the space as the end of the tag. Example with non-breaking tag: tag:YOURTAGHERE Example when using space in tag name: tag:"YOUR TAG HERE"
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