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  1. We're about to go live with Evernote Business within our company and on the question of pricing, I was asked the question: "Why do we need to pay for everyone to be Business users if we can just have free users that share the business notebooks?" Apart from user functionality and not seeing many employee's going over 60mb. I couldn't think of a decent answer. Can anyone give me the pro's/con's of doing this. For those employee's we think will go over the 60mb limit will become business users, the remainder being free users that join the business notebook. Thanks.
  2. For those reading this topic and thinking Evernote have rubbish support. I've been using Evernote Business for a while and the support is probably the best I've ever experienced so far. The speed at which they are able to reply and resolve issues, one of which being a problem in my registry, was excellent. The ticket was passed through the support levels as expected and resolved quickly (within 48hrs). So please don't be perturbed by this thread.
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