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  1. It's been basically a year. How is this still an issue? I'm so sick of having to add unwanted spaces when I'm writing dividers (******) between scenes in stories because Evernote decides I need a horizontal rule or having to type an empty space in front of a line and backtrack to put 1), 2), etc. when I want a list which isn't indented. Pressing undo usually doesn't work - and even when it does, retyping the content caused auto formatting to happen all over again. Surely it can't take that much effort to enable a toggle to turn this nonsense off!
  2. Unfortunately, the beta is still completely unusable and counterintuitive for me, and after a very short amount of time poking at it again, I'm switching back. The notes list takes up too much space to show too little stuff, I see no option to restore a sidebars-like appearance similar to the current/old version, and starting on a blank note (not to mention the huge amount of blank space) is just annoying and hurts my eyes. I can't get past the lack of functional and aesthetic usability to test out the features. Edited to clarify: I don't like that there's no tags list etc. next to the notes, and no default appearance of the notes list. Furthermore, the fact that it's not resizable horizontally and the fact I barely see four notes on my 17" monitor versus 8 notes in a much more compact and user-friendly list with the current/old version is too cumbersome and annoying for me to fight through in order to even properly try the beta. It goes against my needs with workflow and against my sense of acceptable aesthetics.
  3. It bothers me that I don't see any of the things a lot of us have complained about re: ease of use and new layout vs. old on the list of changes or upcoming features. That said, I'll give it a shot again when I'm on my laptop to see if it's somehow more usable and report back with my opinion after doing so.
  4. Jefito, please shut up with this ridiculous argumentative *****. (Are you kidding me? Even kids' shows can use the c-word for excrement!) JMichael does, in fact, at least speak for one more person (myself) with their agitation at this nonsense. We got your bloody point the first dozen times, promise! I'm personally sick of getting this off-topic, petty drama in my email inbox, as I'm sure some of the other 30-something people who subscribe to this thread to recieve feedback and discussion on the web beta layout would agree.
  5. I just wanted to chime in that I agree with you on all points, especially in regards to disliking the low information density and finding problems with the colour scheme. I, too, operate on minimal brightness due to eyestrain and headaches-- in my case, migraines due to photosensitivity. Upping the brightness simply isn't a viable option for me, either. This whole beta seems like a nightmare for people with any form of disability, be it cognitive, visual, or even physical (with all the extra mouse movements and clicks required).
  6. I agree; this should be a concern, and I have admittedly contributed to the issue by leaving the beta almost immediately after trying it. I can't handle the empty, white space or the hide-and-seek game just to find important stuff. It's useless to me without my data right on hand in an overview; I don't even know all of my available tags I could add to a document without scrolling through the convenient pane with my tags listed. Too much effort, and frankly I don't have time to be so disrupted in my work flow or my usability. Nor am I ever going to accept or force myself to trudge through more of this minimalist 'hide all the functions and information so you can have a useless sea of white space' design trend; I'm well aware that's me being stubborn, but I have limits on what I'll tolerate and I'm not going to sit around testing out something I hate so much just to see if they've ironed out the kinks in what's still an ugly and user-unfriendly interface. I can't just go to the desktop version, as I'm not fortunate enough to have a computer powerful enough to handle all of my notes without drive thrashing and serious lag. So it's not as if I can test the beta for short bursts but rely upon the desktop version. I'd like to hope that the statistic of users who fall into the same category of "tried the beta, very soon after cancelled the beta" counts for something, though.
  7. I agree completely. You'd think interface designers would have learned from observing the Widows 8 blunder! Here's a few more you didn't cover that the two have in common: Bury useful and frequently-accessed features which were once easily accessible under piles of unintuitive menus, even though this poses a risk of alienating and/or hindering usability for those who have cognitive or physical disabilities. (Extra movements and clicks are more than mere inconvenience to some users. Ditto to having everything tucked away so you must play hide-and-seek to regain general functionality.) Decide that a normal workflow the user has long since become accustomed to is, in fact, 'distracting' and they no longer have a right to continue using that workflow as a result. (Note that in this case, Windows 8 actually did better than Evernote because they at least offered the permanent option to be able to go back to the desktop. With this web beta, it seems heavily implied it'll be rammed down our throats with no way to go back, at some point.) Ignore the usefulness of having multiple things open at different sizes on the screen; force everything to take up the entire workspace so users must exercise their short-term memory between simple tasks and abandon multi-tasking all together. (Again, Windows 8 scores one over Evernote here; at least you can use real versions of programs to avoid the nastiness of forced full-screen apps.) Remove functionality, and only plan to return a small portion of it. Force what seems to be a mobile-geared design onto users of laptops, desktops, and other non-touchscreen devices. Some of those may be a touch redundant, but yeah. This is definitely Evernote's "Windows 8 moment," and it's sad to see. I, too, will probably not stick with Evernote if this new version is forced on us. As something optional, I really couldn't care less because "to each their own" and whatnot. But as something that could be forced on me, thus destroying the usability and making it easier to just constantly email myself as a means of keeping notes between devices, I hate it. Truly, it's a shame that there's nothing comparable out there (in my experience)-- much less something which has fully functional mobile apps and a web interface as well as the multitude of organizational options Evernote offers.
  8. Obviously, a lot of people...? That seems like a really ill-informed thing to say. People who are always between devices and therefore need the sync and thus the internet connection, anyway. People with older or slower computers or minimal drive space left. People who have found the desktop version takes too long to load because they have far too many notebooks. People who simply prefer using a fully-functional web app when they're already online and in a browser versus downloading and wasting resources on a desktop program. I've never found the desktop version to be more functional. In fact, I deleted it within a half-week of installing it, as it was slower and harder on my system while offering nothing more or less than the web version. Taking such an attitude toward the design and functionality of the web app, attempting to justify lessened functionality because there's a desktop version optional, completely ruins the point of even having a web app. For mobile devices, there's the iOS/Android app. The web version was meant for use on real computer systems. It was meant to be an alternative to the desktop version. It's there for people who may be borrowing computers or using it at work, in an environment where downloading the desktop version isn't an option. Says who? How would you know what they do or don't use? I would assume, even if they are reporting on missing elements they don't use, it's for the information of those who do use the features. After all, there were no release notes or warnings to go by when given the option to try the beta. What does that mean? How would they even know the web beta existed if not for having logged into the web app in the first place? Saving the complaining for later is exactly why so many programs etc. end up rolling out horrendously disapproved and inconvenient features. If those who have tried the beta sit back complacently in the vague hopes that things will get better, without voicing what they dislike or even hate, then the entire purpose of beta testing has been destroyed. Your comparison is heavy-handed and intended to insult, it seems. Also, not at all similar. We were provided an option to test the beta layout with no indication what it would entail. That's like signing up for "a trip to a foreign country" and expecting France, only for it to turn out to be an impoverished third-world country-- if you insist upon using that comparison. Expressing discontent with the design direction is giving feedback. Expressing frustration in the complete redirection from functionality to aesthetic is giving feedback. Ranting because we've become frustrated by other sites in this day and age forcing the same design elements down our throats and we're upset to see Evernote go the same direction is far from illogical. They changed something, put it in testing, and are getting feedback. Should those of us who dislike it just shut up and wait, then the only feedback they'll see is the positive and thus they'll not have an accurate depiction of who's unhappy or what we consider to be the negative aspects.
  9. I had originally posted this in a different thread before realizing this was a more appropriate place for feedback. So I've removed it from there to add here. I'm aware that my opinion is stated harshly, but frankly that's how important my workflow is to me and how much I hate this abhorrent web design trend of throwing in a ton of wasted, white space and calling it "beautiful" or deciding that all users are incapable of paying attention to what they're doing if anything useful is in the way to "distract" them. So my feedback is as follows: This is unattractive and useless to me, valuing wasted, empty space over functionality! If this is the way Evernote is going, I'll have to find some other service to use. Just... no. I sincerely hope they scrap this horrible thing. It looks like a less featured version of the app. There is no excuse for a product used on desktops to be less featured and more cumbersome than a mobile app, full stop. Furthermore, it's disgusting to lose the convenience of having everything laid out and within reach, or to take beautifully compact lists and turn them into clunky and oversized space-wasters hidden from view at most times. When I write at a real desk with pen and paper, I don't shove everything (research, other writing, etc.) into the desk drawers when I know I'll likely need it. I push it neatly over to the side, just like the original web client had it. I can only imagine that the percentage of users who actually find having convenient and quick access to everything 'distracting' are a super-small minority. In contrast, I find it distracting having to go play hide-and-seek with my existing notes, tags, etc. every time I need to refer to or edit one. Even moreso, I find a giant oversized list of notes to all run together and become impossible to read, compared to the convenient layout of the original notes list in the sidebar. I implore the Evernote team to please scrap this redesign before it goes live, or at least permanently allow us an option to keep the old version. Allow those obsessed with white space to have the beta, and let those of us who prefer a functional workspace-- those I see in this thread being called "power users" though I'm shocked at the idea that being someone who prefers to have all my work available at a glance makes me such --keep the original layout.
  10. I'm so glad there's a way to cancel the beta because, wow, this new interface is absolutely garish. (Not to mention it took forever to figure out where to turn off the beta, hence I'm here in the first place.)
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