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  1. @Shane D. if I might make a suggestion, you have the means here in the forum to at the very least acknowledge major issues like this. A sticky thread as soon as you become aware of something like this would reassure users that it was known about by EN. Regular updates to that thread, even if it's to say it's still under investigation would let people know it hadn't been forgotten or brushed under the carpet. You'll of course have a mix of technical knowledge on here, but posting the level of information Tech Support provided to me is genuinely helpful and may be a source of input to resolving
  2. I've been talking to EN tech support about this, and they're happy for me to post part of our discussion which explains the issue: The issue was first discovered after a Chromium depreciation which blocked our access to the CSS stylesheets. While we do release updates regularly on our Android platform, our updates did not contain any changes to our clipping functionality despite many claims that this was caused by one of our latest updates. After the Chromium depreciation, we noticed an increase in reported issues where clips were failing. In some instances, users were reporti
  3. If my development team gave me that answer I'd laugh at them trying to pull the wool over my eyes! Granted the clipper wasn't perfect on Android, and the 'clip failed' was annoying, but if you've got something that works with 90% accuracy 90% of the time, replacing that with something that works with 20% accuracy 100% of the time seems a strange decision. Thanks for trying to improve it but you have broken this. It's not acceptable to break something then just say "tough, we might fix it sometime in the future"
  4. Still a complete mess, still having to reclip everything on desktop. Here's a captured tweet, article web pages similar with little structure or non-text content.
  5. I've always wondered whether the clipping is actually done on Android or just the URL is sent to a server to sort it out. It is incredibly slow though, and I do get different results, e.g. articles from medium.com always only seem to clip half the page when done from my phone. It does slow everything down when you have to double check all your clips even when it is working - time for an overhaul Evernote?
  6. I've got a slightly different problem, using V5 beta and Outlook 2010, though just tried in Word and it's the same. When I paste in the fonts go wrong - it changes some parts from Tahoma in the EN note to Times New Roman in Outlook, and generally increases the sizes of fonts (e.g. from 10 to 13.5). I often have to spend another 5 or 10 minutes making it up to an acceptable standard to send the email. Anyone else get this, or could it be an issue with the beta (in which case I'll raise it there)
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