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  1. Thank You DTLow, tardis, JMichaelTX, as this puts a real foundation of essential knowledge under the subject of making backups in Evernote. This knowledge increases the value of Evernote by making it possible to recover valuable notes in the event of loss. I would only add the mention of the history which is available in Premium, but if you don't need Premium features, as I do not, making systematic regular backups using BOTH methods that Evernote offers is an essential and complete prevention against the loss of often irreplaceable notes. I add one other level, for reference notes, where I want absolute assurance of backup, I export a PDF, so I have the text in a form where I can format the result in a page layout program for hard-copy reference. This is important where I only need Evernote to 'gather' the information and where I need a hard copy print out formatted in the way I want for convenient reference (Note contents formatted in alphabetical order and in columns on a single page.) But this is for my specialized use.
  2. This is now SOLVED! - Evernote support came up with the idea to trash the Evernote on my iPhone, the only device that was not updating properly, and to re-download Evernote to my iPhone - THAT DID IT and all is well... all devices in sync now... Thanks to all here, DTLow in particular, for very good help and education in what to do for backups, the key to every woe being fixed... I'm a happy Evernote user again... Peace
  3. Here is my question then DTLow, to fix my problem with deleted notes that have not yet synced to my iPhone, where I can see the note restored from history in my Evernote on the computer.... How can I get the backup onto my iPhone, or is that not possible? I just tried emailing the note to myself and copy and paste does not work across apps so from email to Evernote does not do this. I'm guessing all of this good stuff is only accomplished on the computer version of Evernote... I can see on checking it now, that the Evernote version on my devices have no ability to import notes... Just checking with you on this as I am trying to think of all possible options to restore notes on my devices where sync is not doing the job.
  4. It's the second week now, Ticket opened with Evernote support and no response yet. I've tried sending an email to myself so I could copy the text of the note on my iPhone and place it in a new note or try to paste it into the note that exists that has no text in it using the 'start writing' prompt... but alas, no luck as the text copied to the clipboard on the iPhone will not transfer over and paste into Evernote... any reason why this would not work? or, Is it possible that the clipboard on the iPhone only works 'within' one app and is not carried over so text can be pasted into another app? A Hair-Raising Experience!
  5. Thank You DTLow, I appreciate how you have made the critical subject of backing up notes in Evernote much more clear. I'll use both and see how each works.
  6. My problem is that Evernote always seems to have one note at least selected, so choosing 'all notes' there is still one note selected in 'all notes.' SELECTING ALL seems to get around that okay. I imagine then that saving notes separately is the surest way to keep information and compatibility in tact?
  7. I can Export, which is a important function for making a backup of notes, but only one chosen set of notes at a time makes the job tedious and time-consuming if I want to back up all notes. Is there a way to Export all notes at once to make a complete backup of all of my notes? TIA, Ken
  8. Same here, on my iPhone always need to sign into iTunes before I can look at Evernote...
  9. Lots to be said for making backups primary importance. I wish Evernote had more options built in: Print notes individually, print all notes for hard copy archive... I realize notes are always changing and being modified but to capture any given time in hard copy may be a life saver down the road. As it is, the export feature seems to be fine, but like you said, there is some way to export PDF or text format so that it can be read in any reader or text program would be great too. I'm not sure yet how to get a PDF or text copy of my notes other than to do screen shots. I think I will try emailing my notes to myself so I can copy and paste the content to my notes on my devices, would that be advised? or would that be a conflict if Evernote ever decides to 'kick in' again?
  10. wmharv - "i don't use a lot of the evernote functionality. i mostly keep lists which i can conveniently update on either my iPhone 5 or my MacBook. as a result of this issue there are some notes which i can't update on my iPhone because i no longer see the note there, just the preview of it. i don't know why some notes and not others. is this a known bug? if so, is anyone trying to repair the program?" Sounds like my same problem. I have all fairly new devices and computer, but there is a problem with Evernote... Several days of hacking away at it, with the great help of DTLow, have proven to me, this problem is beyond local to me... I don't want fancy features, I want fancy reliability... data that does not disappear unannounced...
  11. >>Apple Note app was so unreliable At the time, I was not able to back up the notes, so would lose notes with no backup for no apparent reason other than changing phones. All I want is reliability, Evernote was perfect until now this, and they still have not contacted me for almost the full second day of waiting... I wouldn't even care about service if the app was not causing problems...
  12. I am on California time so we shall see... I'm wondering if there are other note-taking apps out there that I should be considering, I got into Evernote because the Apple Note app was so unreliable... It's like... Here we go again...
  13. I've lost years of work on my notes, Only was able to see in history, but is not of use because it will not transfer across devices... Very very bad...
  14. My note data has disappeared, numerous back and forth testing and does not transfer back to my devices... serious problems with this.. appears that the transfer process is ailing and definitely not working properly... I filed a support ticket and have not heard back one peep from Evernote on that.
  15. I opened a support ticket over the weekend, as of late Monday, still, no one from Evernote has responded. Maybe they are having problems there?
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