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  1. I was able to return my Script to Adonit for a full refund.
  2. I bought the Adonit pen and tried with penultimate and other inking apps. Although the look and feel if the Adonit is the best I've tried to date, it was just too laggy for me. Penultimate is unusable for me. I had been using Notes + and Notability. Back to the trusty Livescribe Wifi.
  3. looks like an awful lot of work just to clip a web page, no offense!
  4. How much scanning are you planning on doing? Do you have an iphone or android device? Have you ever considered using an app such as Genius Scan? http://www.thegrizzlylabs.com/genius-scan/
  5. How about the Windows Desktop version of EN5 being buggy? Ugh...........unusable for me.
  6. If you're on iOS and jailbroken, use the "Readr" tweak. It adds Pocket-like functionality for EN. 2 clicks and your link only is added to your default notebook. People keep referring to one click but I believe it can never be less than 2 clicks even for Pocket.
  7. Take a look at "Livescribe". http://www.livescribe.com/en-us/
  8. Are you logged into the app correctly?
  9. Understood, thank for your time & very helpful replies, greatly appreciated.
  10. +1 for audio recording in Penultimate....this is a MUST have feature for me.
  11. Would it overwrite what's already been uploaded to Evernote?
  12. Ahhhh, makes sense, thanks. My workflow will be to upload to Evernote and review/work from there. I won't review from the pen itself, (audio). Will it matter to me which numbered notebook that I am using? Will the allready uploaded notes be overwritten in Evernote if I say, fill up a #1 notebook and then use another #1 notebook?
  13. Why are the Livescribe notebooks numbered 1-4 , 5-8, etc? When purchasing the Livescribe 4GB Wifi initially, I assume that I am required to also purchase notebooks 1-4?
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