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  1. Got it, thanks. Not used to seeing it way up there, lol.
  2. Ahh, yes indeed. It's not actually "still there" as you replied, but at least there's a quick and easy way to view all of my notes. Thank you!
  3. V6.3.3.3502, paid user. I had been running v4.6.7.8409 and there was an "All Notes" button or Notebook there which I found very useful. Now that is gone in this newer version?
  4. How can I add pictures stored in EN iOS to a text message or email please?
  5. Actually... one less click. Also, both F6 and clicking in the toolbar require one action. Nobody is suggesting you do both. One is a keyboard shortcut... while the other requires you to position the cursor with the touch pad and click. Both achieve the same goal. One is quicker (if you remember it). Both require one action. One doesn't require a click. Yeah I'm not a KB shortcut kinda guy
  6. v4.6.7.8409 of the Windows client.
  7. As it is now in v4, I simply click in the search bar space and type away. You want me to press f6 and then click in the search bar correct? That would be more work/more clicking. Actually... one less click. Also, both F6 and clicking in the toolbar require one action.
  8. Jefito, that's just adding one more click to a simple, basic, frequently used task. Not good for me.
  9. Thank you "volunteer" forum *****. Thank you for reminding me why I've avoided this forum like the plague. Out.
  10. Any noticeable difference in speed/performance between v4 and v5? For Windows, that is. With regard to functionality, what will v5 give me that v4 won't?
  11. Yeah, but kind of the inverse of it which could generate the same responses??? Sure, I guess, but who really cares? It's an internet forum, lol. It's NOT an exact cross-post. I see some things have remained the same here, SMH.
  12. Lol, wow. It's not the same question.
  13. The problem with hierarchies is you often have to "rediscover" it, if/when you don't remember how you organized it. IE, did you file your cell phone bill under "phone", "telephone", "cell phone" or "Verizon"? So you have to go to the bills folder & look for it one of those options. OTOH, with tags (and Evernote's amazing search engine), you have the luxury of not having to "rediscover" how you filed it. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/48008-search-by-tag-or-just-search/?p=244648 Except that you have to remember what to search for versus a visual reminder, which would be the case with a Hierarchy.
  14. Great info, thanks all; the wheels are spinning in my head now, lol.
  15. Why do I need to tag my notes? Can't I just search for a specific word within a note and it will be (hopefully) found?
  16. My older Adonit stylus is magnetic. Just stick it on any edge of the iPad or directly on the Smart Cover. Not sure why they didn't do the same for the newer stylus. The TenOne Pogo Connect clip works well enough<
  17. To return your stylus, email customer support her with your info and order number: help@adonit.net Good luck!
  18. I was able to return my Script to Adonit for a full refund.
  19. I bought the Adonit pen and tried with penultimate and other inking apps. Although the look and feel if the Adonit is the best I've tried to date, it was just too laggy for me. Penultimate is unusable for me. I had been using Notes + and Notability. Back to the trusty Livescribe Wifi.
  20. looks like an awful lot of work just to clip a web page, no offense!
  21. I have the same question....I certainly can't find the gear.
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