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  1. Thanks for this. Very helpful. . Your test document works fine for me on the desktop but, refuses to load on mobile (my iOS devices specifically, Android devices are fine). I changed wifi networks on a lark and the culprit is my own network. It looks like the URL that's auto-handling the HTTP proxy is causing the issue. I guess I have to whitelist Evernote's domain.
  2. THANKS so much. Very kind of you. Here's the sample note link: TEST
  3. I have no problems with the desktop or the mobile apps. However, publicly shared notes never seem to load in mobile browsers on iOS (Chrome, Safari, Firefox). I just get a loading indicator and the progress indicator stops halfway across the screen. — and yes I know all three browsers are built upon Apple's webkit. WiFi signal is strong, devices have been power-cycled. iOS Browser Apps (all three mentioned) have had thier cache purged and when that didn't work I deleted and redownload the mobile browsers. These are just plain text notes w/o no pictures or extensive formatting. Devices tested on, iPhone 6, iPad Pro both running iOS v10.3.2. Oddly, enough the problem can't be replicated on Android devices.
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