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  1. It does but not if you have notebooks with 500 notes in them. Having to recreate a TOC in batches every time (or periodically) is a less than productive solution. Especially when the app used to do this by default. It harkens back to when Evernote limited users to max 200 notebooks and suggested people use tags as a way to sort/find notes. In a business environment, this is not an effective way to manage notes/access. As a Premium Subscriber who has 8,000 notes and has been using the service since incept — I'm disappointed. I have a hard time evangelizing Evernote these days. (sorry for
  2. I pointed this out to the team during the BETA several times. They totally ghosted me.
  3. I understand performance issues because I have 8.000+ notes (been with Evernote for a while) but my content is already synced locally. ALSO - Evernote is actively reverting all my changes/formatting. I've tried multiple/different notes as well as copy/pasting content from old note to new note, and it's just untennable.
  4. Same for me. I updated to v10.3.6 today and it has gotten exponentially worse. Now instead of creating 1 duplicate it's creating 7-8. Seriously. Many BETA users mentioned this or similar flaws and it still made it through QA?
  5. Thanks for this. Very helpful. . Your test document works fine for me on the desktop but, refuses to load on mobile (my iOS devices specifically, Android devices are fine). I changed wifi networks on a lark and the culprit is my own network. It looks like the URL that's auto-handling the HTTP proxy is causing the issue. I guess I have to whitelist Evernote's domain.
  6. THANKS so much. Very kind of you. Here's the sample note link: TEST
  7. I have no problems with the desktop or the mobile apps. However, publicly shared notes never seem to load in mobile browsers on iOS (Chrome, Safari, Firefox). I just get a loading indicator and the progress indicator stops halfway across the screen. — and yes I know all three browsers are built upon Apple's webkit. WiFi signal is strong, devices have been power-cycled. iOS Browser Apps (all three mentioned) have had thier cache purged and when that didn't work I deleted and redownload the mobile browsers. These are just plain text notes w/o no pictures or extensive formatting. Devic
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