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  1. Hi aimango, Sorry you haven't been able to get a hold of anyone! We currently use Stripe for payments, which is over their HTTPS connection. We hope to support HTTPS for our account login soon as well. We're aware of the embed issues and hope to have them fixed soon too. The plan is to come up with an easier way to use embeds vs the long-winded embed code we currently have. Maybe something like supported urls automatically become embeds. For example, if you paste in a YouTube or Instagram url, we'd parse that and embed it instead of just linking the URL. I'd love feedback or ideas on the embeds that anyone may have. Cheers, Gavin Vickery Co-Founder / CTO Postach.io
  2. Hi JaMee, Thanks for the update! If its not working in Firefox, but is working in Chrome and IE, then its definitely a browser issue. We'll have to look into whats causing that. In the meantime, I'd recommend continuing with Chrome Now that you have access to the ( ? ) help system, could you open a support ticket with us? Cheers, Gavin Vickery Co-Founder / CTO Postach.io
  3. Hi JaMee, 1). You can log out of your account by clicking the avatar icon in the top right corner. That will give you a dropdown menu. From there, click "Logout". 2). First off, thanks so much for supporting Postach.io! We really appreciate it Our help system is still available. It never went away actually. You should see a little ( ? ) icon in the bottom right of your browser window while logged into your Postach.io account. Do you not see one? Do you have Javascript disabled in your browser? If the internal support tool isn't working for you, you can always send an email to support@postach.io - it reaches the same place. Cheers, Gavin Vickery Co-Founder / CTO Postach.io
  4. Great, thanks! We'll check it out.
  5. @jsharp29 Sorry to hear about the issues you're having! Could you please open a support ticket with us so we can help troubleshoot? You can open a support ticket by logging into your Postach.io account and clicking the "?" icon in the bottom right corner.
  6. Just wanted to chime in here. We've released a couple updates since yesterday, that have solved most of the problems users are having. Have you tried again recently? If its still not working, the best way for us to help is to open a support ticket. You can do that by logging into your Postach.io account and clicking the "?" icon in the bottom right corner Cheers, Gavin
  7. Hey @monkeygrip, thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear you're enjoying Postach.io. To be fair, we had sent out some automated emails in hopes to get some feedback from our users. Many of them didn't like this approach, and we've since put a stop to those. Most of our feedback now comes through blog posts and comments as well as Twitter. Seems to be working for everyone Cheers
  8. Glad its working for you now I've responded to your support message with some more details regarding the issue you were having. Cheers!
  9. @will it ever work: The most common problem for posts not showing is either they weren't tagged with "published" or Evernote wasn't synced. If you've done that, you can try logging into your Postach.io account and manually syncing your site. This connects to Evernote and ensures all notes are on Postach.io. To login, simply go to http://postach.io and click the "Sign-In With Evernote" button. You'll be taken to Evernote to authenticate your account and then redirected to your Postach.io dashboard. Hope this helps! @tyabblemons: Your implementations of Postach.io are always epic. Love it
  10. Thanks for your offer, but no, I don't want to contact you. I tried it again - the bug is still there - just delete my email address from your database, thanks for understanding. No problem, I understand. I've personally removed your account/email from our system. Sorry for the hassle. Gavin
  11. @parf - I would like to help you personally, to get this issue resolved. I agree using a new email or requiring you to create new accounts is not the answer. We can do better than that. Please contact me via gavin [at] postach.io
  12. gazumped: no problem! glad we could help! jbenson2: thanks for the feedback! you're absolutely right, we should be listing why we need the permissions we do. regarding security, we follow all guidelines outlined by the evernote api best practices to ensure user privacy. tyabblemons: nice looking site! really glad to see you're enjoying postach.io - let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!
  13. Hi there! I'm one of the co-founders of Postach.io. Sorry to hear you're having trouble getting things setup. I'd love to help! You can either post in here, or send me an email directly gavin[at]postach.io and we can go from there. Cheers
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