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  1. I guess I mean a) it's slightly less slick than having a print option; b) you need to know the email address of your printer, not a trivial thing for some people/printers; and c) with the setting I describe, you get the text of the note and nothing else, no title, no folder info, etc., just text. But with those caveats, it's work just fine!
  2. I ran into this problem recently and did find a workaround, although I don't know if it will work for all printers. First off, you cannot log into the web version of Evernote from Android, at least not from chrome. So that option is out. I finally found that my HP printer has an email address. So I go into my note and do this: 1. Select share. 2. With the share dialog box open, click on the three dots upper right and select Email copy of note. If you don't do this, your printer kindly prints a page showing a button for the link to the note, not helpful 😜 3. Put in the email address of the printer and send it off. Works acceptably well. I agree with others that with WiFi printers so common, print should become a standard option under the share button, but at least this gets the job 95% done.
  3. I haven't had this experience, but I do often manage to delete my own text due to the touchpad between my hands on this laptop. I have a work-around to suggest, which is not a solution to your specific problem, but might make it less onerous. There is a Chrome extension called Typio, and it monitors your typing in boxes like this and can be used to restore something that is accidentally deleted. Might help?
  4. This was the first serious concern I had as well. Searching in all notebooks is not at all a substitute for being able to search in one notebook. Please add this back in.
  5. Yes, that's the point. The old Web version works that way. The new Beta version does not, as far as I can tell. I'm hoping to convince the developers that it is a worthwhile feature to bring back to life.
  6. I agree with much of what Jesper has said. I have been using the Beta for a few weeks now, and while I could get used to some of the changes, there are some issues that make it a lot less useful to me. There's still too much irrelevant white space that could be better used for information. But two things recently came up that are more significant in my use: 1. As far as I can tell, the Web version no longer supports the ability to pop out a note to a floating window. This really detracts from the usability. I often have one or more notes popped out so I can find them immediately and have them hover next to windows for others apps to take notes. 2. I see no way to select multiple notes so I can print, share or merge them. This reduces the usability of the product. I'd like to know if either of these features are in the pipeline. I hope so! Please hang on to the Leave Beta button for the foreseeable future, so I can toggle back and forth.
  7. Apologies. I actually use the Web version, not the Windows version. Will repost there.
  8. I know others have mentioned this, but I am posting this to see if there's any progress on restoring this feature. In previous versions, I used popped out notes to allow me to take notes during a webinar or to keep my to do list handy, etc. I know others used this feature as well. I don't want to have multiple separate instances of Evernote open in separate window just so I can have one note available. Evernote Developers: when do you think you might address this gap in your new version?
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