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  1. Every day I import documents and emails into Evernote and create large quantities of lists and notes that need to be reviewed and reconsulted and modified over subsequent days and weeks. The point of different coloured highlighters is that it makes it possible to highlight text with different colours in order to represent different perspectives, issues or concerns that can then subsequently be relocated visualised and actioned rapidly This is fundamental to how many people, including me, work on paper, and how I desperately wish I could work in evernote.
  2. Thanks TK047 - I do so hope this finally happens....
  3. Lack of highlighting in different colours has been driving me mad ever since started using evernote in 2008. This has always been my top annoyance. Clearly the code is already there, since, as noted by others, highlighted text pasted in from other apps happily displays in other colours. Essentially all we need is a highlighting colour widget alongside bold and italic, etc. to give native access. One reason that this is now super urgent is that when f.lux switches on evening screen colours on MacOS, the existing yellow highlights become completely invisible making a nonsense of highlighted evernote texts. Pretty please could you fix this. It would make us all so happy. Many thanks for considering.
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