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  1. I would think by now they should be using some very basic database upgrade techniques. When I build desktop/mobile apps, the first step after clearing away basic readiness housekeeping was to check the version number in the DB against the one the app was expecting and then executing the appropriate code to add that. Since the central DB should be up to date with the latest, clients that did not have the field just won't sync it. And I have to think they are already dealing with this sort of thing since they already have feature forks--works in this product version, doesn't work in this product
  2. DTLow, I assume this is not a rhetorical question, and thus deserves an answer. First some background for context to my responses. I have been developing software since I was 12, almost forty years ago. I have been servicing my clients in the role of enterprise architect for the last 20 years. During that time I have worked on everything from the IBM 3090Z down to the Arduino. I have architected, managed a team and worked on the development of a custom Point Of Sale platform for 300 stores with multi-modal distribution (register, mobile and web). This system had HA (High Availability) r
  3. So why after almost 6 years is this very simple request--pinning a note--not a feature in the product???
  4. I appreciate your commentary, however... The whole idea with developing a good UX (One of my jobs as software architect) is to minimize clicks. An Inbox choice--between All Notes and Notebooks--in the left most vertical nav-bar would allow quick access to the default notebook for new notes. (I understand that the default can be changed, so display the default notebook). And I am well aware of the technique to fool systems into ordering items by putting symbols in front to push important stuff to the top. It is a problem that should be solved natively, without the need to invent cockamamie
  5. I just switched to the Beta. Kinda pissed that I didn't receive any notification that it was available because the last update, prior to this beta, blew away auto-complete shortcuts along with code formatting on the toolbar which I use extensively. My apologies if any of these were already posted, but I tried to make sure they aren't repeats. 1. I am missing the ability to quickly change a note's notebook by clicking on the notebook and then being able to do a text search for the target notebook. Having to click on the menu and then choose move note, and then scroll through my 50+ no
  6. Ditto here. I use this all the time. Please bring it back.
  7. Gees, this would be a great feature. I keep my employee review notes in Evernote and I find it hard to keep them encrypted and out of sight as a group.
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