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  1. Yeah, at the moment I'm not sure about notion, but I came across UpNote, which I had never heard of anywhere before, and it looks pretty good. I’ll transfer the notes there within a month and make a decision.
  2. I hope it was a joke. And im getting 30% btw This works but results in very slow performance even on my i9. Renaming evernote.exe to evernote2.exe looks like a better solution to me while I move to notion. When a problem is ignored for more than a month, it means the project is dead.
  3. @Spark594 Well, anyway, even a regular icon will not suit me cause i use custom icons and they can't be replaced for apps from the windows store (excellent work MS, very convenient). @PinkElephant Ye, i don’t wanna see a ugly square icon on the taskbar, my bad, ok, sorry. Exactly! Support should ask me to provide them with information to debug and find the reason for this behavior. But they simply said “thanks for the feedback” twice and that’s it. They're useless. For so many years they have not been able to remove the empty line between the code block and the horizontal line. What a shame.
  4. The version from the store works fine, but I won't use this *** with a square icon that can't be changed. And without autostart? (not sure). ps Windows install problems, ye, sure, anyway it means it's evernote has problems with some component of the system, not the system has problems with evernote.
  5. I created a ticket, but the response I received was simply “Thanx for feedback.” I'll try Notion soon, anyway I'm done with evernote and won't be renewing my subscription.
  6. 2 weeks ago after PC reboot, evernote takes up 30% of the CPU time on my Core i9 11900f. A complete reinstallation of the application and deleting the folder in AppData/Roaming (revo is useless btw) didn't produce any results. After re-installation, the problem arose immediately after launch, even before logging into my account. Nothing has changed with the latest updates. Windows 11 23H2 build 22631.3672 Evernote v10.91.1 PC spec if needed: CPU: Intel® Core™ i9-11900F 4.7GHz GPU: Palit GeForce RTX™ 3080 GamingPro OC Memory: DDR4 2x16Gb 3733MHz Kingston FURY Beast Black RGB Mainboard: ASRock H570 Steel Legend Storage: Samsung 970 Evo Plus 250Gb
  7. If anyone on the team reads this, thank you. I love you. The titlebar now matches the theme.
  8. Yeah, like the mandatory indentation between the code block and the horizontal bar. I have already reconciled, but I will try to write them. Thank you very much!
  9. @PinkElephantThank you friend. You are much nicer to talk to than Mr. gazumped.
  10. Yes, im using slack every day. Maximizing instantly. Seems the new 1password is also on Electron, everything is fine with it too.
  11. He said "we're not Evernote". Not "I am". It sounds like this forum has nothing to do with the company at all and is just an outside forum from the community.
  12. This is an Evernote thing for Windows. Other software like 1password, steam, chrome, razer synapse, etc. opens instantly from the tray. But I understand you. Thanx.
  13. I do not need help. This thread is called "Product Feedback/Feature Requests". Ok? This is not a community forum that I found on google, this is a forum that is listed on the company's official website. This problem exists on both home and office PCs and it has always been. Are you saying you don't have it? Neither for which I do not believe.
  14. Support is useless, they have not done anything I asked for in 7 years of use. I bought a subscription, but they don't care. How can you be "not Evernote" if the link to this forum is on the company's official website?
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