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  1. Oh yes, there is also a "share with me" button, which is needed by 1% of users, but it can't be disabled. To be honest, I am reading all this now and don't understand why I still use this service. It's time to explore the alternatives ... If so, then it becomes clear why they are losing users and destroying their product. They make it for users, they are obligated to read their reviews.
  2. Well ... I used v10 through pain for several days. Here's what I can say: It's slow. If you scroll through the entire list of notes - epic slow. (i7 and rtx2070). How??? Where drag notebooks? Why i can't change notebook color??? Font size... oh man, before I could open all the notebooks and everything fit without the need to scroll. Now it's impossible to use it. I don't want to scroll non-stop. The list of notebooks should always be at hand, and I have a large one. Dark theme on win10 has several issues And the main question! I already paid you money for the
  3. Are there developers here? Does anyone read this at all?
  4. The scroll bar does not change color in the dark theme either. I want to believe that this will be fixed soon. ps 10 version looks great, keep it up! Thanks. pss, I changed my mind. The new version is horror. Wrote why in another topic.
  5. Thank you, I understand you. It's sad I tried all the programs for this, I did not like anything, I had to store data from a lot of services, often there were several accounts, plus server data, customer data, etc. In general, evernote, but wanted more. What to do, thanks for the answer.
  6. Greetings! Are there plans to create a service for storing passwords or integrating it into evernote? Of course, you can store passwords in notes right now, but I would like to integrate with browsers and more features. Soft, what is now for these purposes is absolutely terrible, the hope is only for you. ps Sorry for bad english pss I'm not sure if this is the right partition, but I did not find a more suitable one
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