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  1. Similar issue: I always use global shortcut win+shift+N to capture "thoughts" without interrupting my work. The new notes always landed in my "Inbox" (default notebook). Now they land in whathever notebook I used lastly, very unproductive for me to gather them later. Please make an option to chose, if new note by global hotkey should go to default or last used notebook. It was most productive Evernote functionality for me so far.
  2. Same here, I think it's a bug: I choose "search current context" from drop down magnifying glass. Then, when I hit F6, the hint in search box stays the same ("search current context") but the notebook name disappears, so it goes back to all notes. It'd be perfect to have one shortcut (F6) to search all, an the other (say, F7) to search within notebook. It's a must for effective use of Evernote, and I dont think it's a big problem to implement: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/38151-archived-kb-shortcut-to-focus-search-box-without-switching-to-all-notes/ Just not everybody has time and knowledge to use third party software in order to make Evernote work as it should
  3. Thanks for replying. I tried Revo, and for now it works, but it had also it's "ups and downs" in the past - the issue seemed to occure at most when another programs where running or after some time of work. I keep the client updated whenever it propts, so I belive it's not connected with certain version. At the moment I enjoy Evernote running flawlessly after clean install, I'll post if my problem reoccur. Cheers!
  4. Hi I've got the following problem: When Evernote is minimized to tray, it doesn't pop up after double click on tray icon. I can see the menu after right click, but that's all. To open Evernote window again, I have to right click -> close Evernote, and run it again. I've got this issue only on one machine with Win XP Home Edition. Anybody had and solved this problem?
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