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  1. I used the Mac app to add a temporary tag to every note at once. I then synced everything and can not edit everything on my iPhone. Interestingly, I then removed the tag from every note on my Mac and synced again. The tags are remaining on all the notes in iOS. The new version of the iOS app takes a lot longer to load on my iPhone, too. Come on, Evernote!
  2. Thanks for the reply, DTLow. This doesn't explain why it worked fine up until the last update. Do know why this change was made? If it worked to encrypt horizontal lines, why take that away?
  3. I had this problem a year ago, and an update fixed it. It's back again. I have some notes that I want to encrypt, but if I have something like a horizontal line in the note, it will not allow me to encrypt. Please fix this bug. Mac 10.13.3 Evernote 7.2.2 (456839 App Store)
  4. If the update is not showing up in your "updates" tab of the app store, pull the page down to force it to refresh.
  5. I followed the instructions of an earlier post to download and install the 6.13.2 version. No matter what browser or OS I use, I can't get the file to download as a valid and expandable zip file. If some has another source of a working file, I would really like to get it. Perhaps you could share a valid file or folder via a public dropbox link?
  6. I would like the ability to select a notebook by typing the first few letters. This was very helpful in previous versions of the webclipper. I'm getting really tired of Evernote taking away functionality. I get that they want to do fun new things like group collaboration, but stop busting the basic functionality we've come to rely on and pay for!
  7. I'm having the same problem on perhaps 10% of my notes. I submitted a ticket to EN on Sunday, but have not heard back from them. I have found that opening the note in the Mac app and using the "Simplify Formatting" feature will make it possible to open the problem notes on my iOS devices. I really don’t want to give up special formatting like bold and color text, indentations, etc. Nor do I want to go through each of my 2,424 notes to test them on my iOS devices and then simplify the formatting through the Mac app. I sure hope EN gets on top of this quickly. I've been a paying custo
  8. Thanks for the replies. Too bad this new feature removes a funtion I was depending on.
  9. For months, I've been having trouble with rogue indentations when taking long detailed notes of lectures. Frequently, something will trigger a change in a note that causes a hard return to alter the indentation of the preceding and following lines and the new line. If I try to change the indent level of that line, it will affect adjacent lines, too. If I select all the text and "Simplify Formatting," then the problem goes away for a while, but I have to redo all my indents and other rich text formatting. The problem will come back if I paste in rich text, but it will also come back if I s
  10. Just in the last few days, it seems I've lost the ability to encrypt text that has a horizontal line, a numbered list, or check boxes (from the tools menu) in it. I can create a new note, add a line of text, and encrypt without issue. If I add a horizontal line, numbered list, or check boxes, I can no longer encrypt the text. This means I have a bunch of important notes that I'm no longer able to re-encrypt without loosing all the helpful and necessary formatting! Any ideas on how to fix this? Evernote 6.11 (454876 App Store) MacOS 10.12.4
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