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  1. On 2017-05-03 at 0:28 PM, nicolgareth@gmail.com said:

    Office365 with1Tb Onedrive is a dream.....no longer missing Evernote, i loved it, but became too difficult reconnecting between devices, the cost was too much per month for storage.


    Glad you found a tool that fits your needs and suits your budget. That's what matters! 

  2. 23 hours ago, tboettiger said:

    This thread is more than a year old and still there does not seem to be a working solution for iOS. My main intention is capturing a blog post in Evernote and storing a PDF copy of it in a Dropbox folder that is available to my students. 

    Asking too much? It works great on macOS, btw.

    Since Evernote supports the Print action, you can save a PDF that way. 

    1) Open a note

    2) Open the share sheet (upward arrow coming out of a box).

    3) Select the Print action (bottom row of icons in the share sheet, if it's not visible, tap the "More" button to enable Print)

    4) when you see the Printer Options screen, two-finger-reverse-pinch (zoom-in gesture) on the preview (or force touch, if you have a newer iOS device) to open it in full screen. 

    5) from the full screen preview, tap the share sheet button (bottom left) to import it to dropbox (or any other application). 


    It's not elegant, and it looks like a lot of steps, but after you do it once, you'll find it's reasonably quick. 

    (This is not to say that Evernote shouldn't build in a proper PDF export feature! Just pointing out a relatively easy workaround in the meantime). 

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  3. To directly answer your question, for plus and premium accounts there is no stated device limit. If you and your wife both want to have your phone and laptop logged into Evernote at the same time, then as far as Evernote is concerned, that account is logged into two computers and two phones. It doens't know that one of those phones is being used by a different person than the other. At one time I had a phone, a tablet, and three different operating systems on two computers all logged in simultaneously (most often on the same network), without issue. There is no reason to be offline unless there is actually an absence of internet connection. (Keep in mind that on iOS and Android, note content is not available offline unless you explicitly mark a notebook as available for offline access on mobile).

    Moreover, there should be no issues with you both creating/editing/deleting notes at the same time, as long as you aren't editing the same note at the same time, but it sounds like you don't intend to do that. 

    I usually  advise against sharing accounts but there's no technical reason you can't do it, so if you think it will work, go for it. 


    I have some cautionary words, though, which aren't likely going to directly impact the use case you are describing but should be considered in the long-term: 

    I generally do not advise sharing accounts of any type, in most cases it comes with more headaches than it cures. But for your purposes, for now, it will probably be fine. I don't know how sustainable it will be in the long term, but for the immediate future I'm sure it will work. 

    Some things to keep in mind: There is one and only "default notebook". Depending on what you both do, this could cause confusion. If you are both emailing content into Evernote, or send content to Evernote using some kind of third-party service, then that content usually ends up in the default notebook, often there is no way to choose where it goes and it needs to be filed afterwards. If you are both doing this, you'll have to take care to try and make sure you know what belongs to whom.

    Tags could get messy. Because it is a single account, your tags will be visible to her and hers to you. If you use the same tag for something then viewing that tag will show yours and her stuff. I know that privacy isn't an issue for the two of you but organization and clarity might be, and this could make things a bit messy. Because you say you intend to keep things in your own clearly labelled notebooks, it is possible to clear up some of that mess with very specific search queries, but again, that all adds to the overhead that wouldn't be there if your account contained only your own stuff. 

    However, you gotta do what you gotta do! If your budget only accommodates a single plus subscription, then you've got to work with what you've got. 



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  4. I have a similar tendency as @csihilling. Most things are already properly named. Anything that is not properly named just goes into Evernote anyhow with the ugly name since the note title or document contents are more than sufficient for search. I'll only rename the file if it is getting moved to another storage location where filename matters, or if I'm sending it elsewhere. 

    I think it would be a great feature to be able to rename an attachment to the note title or any other arbitrary selection of text (though how to handle it if there are multiple attachments?), but I can only suspect that this would be a lower priority feature if it even made it onto Evernote's "to-do" list. 

  5. On 29June, 2016 at 7:49 PM, Jerome Liew said:

    I am an Evernote users for many years, and now I probably will be forced into a subscription users. 

    Been experience notes missing and to no avail, and also seen a lot of complaints towards customer support.  

    Let's see how this company response to my thread before I move all my company stuff here.


    Did you even submit a support ticket before posting here? I think you've put the cart before the horse. 

    Evernote's support has not always been stellar – they have often seemed back-logged which has earned a (not totally unjustified) mixed reputation – but they really do seem to try and get things sorted out for users if it's technically possible to do so. 

  6. 20 hours ago, Nancy M said:


    We're currently using a standard java currency formatter, but are considering moving to ISO codes for the clarity.

    Yes, the $46.99 is in CAD, not USD.

    Your charge will go to Evernote Corporation, which is located in the US. I've never heard of any of our Canadian users being charged a surcharge or exchange fee though. 


    Never been charged any additional fees, just the subscription price in CAD. 

  7. 18 hours ago, Flier said:

    A very simple and useful structure would be a top level folder Travel folder, below which is a folder with the country name and general information, then a subfolder for hotels and a subfolder of that for rejected hotels.  Same thing for driving routes:  "Travel/Norway_2015/Routes/Rejected Routes"  When I am not working on travel I would like to completely collapse the Travel folder and get all of its children out of view.  Once the trip is completed I would like to drag it to the bottom of the trip list so that my one or two upcoming trips are at the top of the list.  I can do none of this with Evernote but I can do all of it even within the simple bookmark structure of Firefox.  As far as I am concerned these are major functional deficiencies.  The fact that I can work around some of them with tagging kludges is irrelevant.

    Can this not be accomplished simply by making a Stack of notebooks named after your destination. Stacks can be collapsed or opened whenever you like. When a trip is complete, add "z" prefix to the name to force it to sort at the bottom of the stack (and upcoming or current trips can be prefixed with a symbol like ! . or @ to force it to the top).

    That said, you'd be unable to do something like, for a given destination, make sub-folders for "routes" and "sights" or whatever. Tags can go along way with that, but you apparently already know about everything tags can do, so I'll spare you an explanation.


    What is really sounds like you are saying is that you want hierarchical organization, or else. I'd consider setting up such a hierarchy in your computer's filesystem, and if you need mobile/online/cloud access, put the hierarchy into something like Dropbox. 

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    Can I delete all my notes on the web, and regain this "space," or will that remove the actual notes on my desktop version?  Or is EN only concerned with what goes thru their upload process (the 60MB) and not the actual storage space used on their servers?


    No. It is not a space limit, it is an upload limit. You can store as much data as you want, but the rate at which you add it is capped. If you are a free user, it is 60mb per month. 


    You will regain your 60mb when your month turns over (the date depends on when you created your account, it is not the first of the calendar month). Since you are presumably not uploading anything anyhow, hitting this limit should have no impact because all of the local functions of Evernote should work even if you reach your limit. For example you should have no problem adding to your local notebooks. These are unaffected by the upload limit since their contents aren't uploaded. 


    Keep in mind that unless you use ONLY Local Notebooks in Evernote, all of your content is synced. It is also worth remembering that your default notebook (as defined in your Evernote preferences) is ALWAYS a synced notebook and this CANNOT be changed. 


    You should ensure that you are truly not syncing. Not clicking the "synchronize" button doesn't mean you aren't syncing. 

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  9. ok, a new twist to a missing note.

    I recently upgraded my iOS on my powerbook, requiring a complete re-install of all apps, including EverNote.

    Now, in the new version, the one note that I keep all my current stuff on is gone, and not in the trash.

    Weirdly, this note never seemed to sync with my other devices either, although other notes did.

    So, how can I find this missing note ?



    It is possible that either the note was so large that it exceeded the note size limits and was not synced. Or it was stored on your computer on a local notebook, which are not synced. 

    If the note was actually not synced, then it is likely lost, unless you can restore it from a backup of your previous computer system, such as a time machine backup. I can't find a link right this moment but there's plenty of discussion in the forum on how to restore  from backups. It's not easy but if this note is everything to you, it might be the only/best option. 


    Also check the Evernote Web interface to see if the note is there, if you haven't already done that. www.evernote.com

  10. I don't need anything in Evernote encrypted, I'm sure there are lots of users just like me.


    I'm guessing the majority or else the product teams at Evernote would be under internal pressure to add encryption - they are clearly not.


    There are 2 sides to this argument.

    My use has shifted so that this is also the case for me. I have other tools that are more secure that I keep those important files in. Evernote gets only the things that do not need encryption. 

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  11. Thanks again. Unfortunately, when I saved to contacts. Nothing seemed to occur. I was unable to see any changes made in my apple contacts. 

    That's odd... Having no problems here. Perhaps check to make sure that Evernote has access to your contacts in:

    System PReferences>Privacy & Security>Privacy>Contacts


    Beyond that, I'm not sure what else could be wrong. May be worth opening a support ticket. 

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  12. Since this is in the Mac Forum I'll assume you are on a Mac. If your contacts are Evernote's special contacts cards, they can be exported to your Mac's Contacts application which can be synced to Google Contacts (or exported to VCards and imported into Google contacts). 



    If your "Contacts" in Evernote are just regular Evernote notes with contact information, that cannot be directly exported to Contacts or any other contact-like format, and you'll have to do that manually. If each contact is in more or less the same format you could copy and past into Excel and use Excel's "Convert text to columns", make a few tweaks (because that is always an imperfect process), then export it as a CSV from Excel. 


    First, a bit of info about syncing and mobile devices.

    1) Your data are stored on Evernote's servers. They are also locally stored on any computer you have running Evernote. These locally stored files are available without a network connection. You can access all of your notes, modify notes, create new notes while offline on your computer. They will then get pushed to the cloud when you have a network connection. 

    2a) By default, Evernote only syncs headers on mobile devices which are stored in a local cache. When Evernote says that, on Android, it syncs every hour, it means new header information is sent to the device. The rest of the note is pulled down from the server and cached locally when you open that particular note. The effect is that even when offline you should have limited and temporary access to most of your note headers (largely useless on their own), and a selection of complete notes, typically the last few notes you have accessed and which are stored in their entirety in the cache. 


    2b) notes created on a mobile device while offline will be stored locally and uploaded to Evernote's servers (and subsequently to any other device you run Evernote on) when a connection is re-established. This is true for both free and premium.


    3) Premium users can tell their mobile device to download some or all of their notebooks to be stored, in their entirety, locally on the device. This would be subject to the same hourly background sync (or immediate sync when the application is running). This means, for the selected notebooks (or all notebooks, depending on the setting you select), the ENTIRE note, not just the header, is stored on the device and available when offline.


    The short answer is: if you need offline access on your mobile device, you need to have a premium subscription. 


    If you are concerned about data integrity, synchronize to a computer and make regular backups of that database.


    Data synced to your computer is also always available offline, even for free users. 


    If you only need offline access on your mobile device periodically, buy premium one month at a time. For $5, this isn't such a terrible thing if offline access is that important for you and you only need it for a short period of time. This is how I got started, only buying a month here or there as I travelled. (I am now a full-time premium subscriber going on 2 years).

    5 bucks in Argentina is a lot of money. I usually keep long notes with photos, and that's why I upgraded to premium. But, what if I can't pay the subscription no more? What would happen to my notes?


    Nothing. Your notes will always live and be accessible in Evernote even if you switch to Free. The premium upload allowance doesn't have any impact on things you've already added. 


    If your notes exceed the maximum note size for free tier once you drop down from premium, I'm not sure what will happen though, that's the only hitch. 

  14. Ah, okay, conflicting changes occurs when there is a sync conflict (could happen for any number of reasons), and it places the conflicting version in a newly created local notebook (on the desktop clients) for you to manually reconcile with the other version of the note. One version will usually have much less, or at least different data, from the other, because of the conflict. Because one version of the conflicting note is on a local notebook on your sector, it won't be present on any of your other devices. 


    Not the most elegant way of dealing with conflicts, but it seems to generally avoid massive data lost at least! 

    Regardless, really glad you've got your data back!

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  15. Sounds like the feature was publicised by sales but too computationally expensive for development to implement. As it only works in such marginal cases, perhaps it would be better left off the product feature list.

    I don't understand.... I never saw the creation of selectable (and thus, extricable) text from images in any marketing material from Evernote in the last 10 years... I have NEVER seen evernote claim to have this feature. They have always only ever said that they make images of text searchable, which is what they do (success is, of course, determined by the quality of the image and the clarity of the writing).

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  16. Hi all,


    Sorted my issue of lost data. Had this issue of losing  4 days worth of Evernote notes within a single notebook. All updates were gone from all my sync platforms(android, windows, web)


    All I did was search for one of the last topics I typed in my notebook and weired enough it appeared in the search results!!!


    I quickly copied that into a word document!!


    Anyone tried??

    Since the notes were retrieved with search they are technically still in your account and not lost? Were you able to figure out where they were in your account? Sounds like they were just in a different notebook than you expected. You can see where in evernote a given note is stored by clicking on the information button for the note. 

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