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  1. MY DB is 39GB now - I am in big trouble on my worklaptop wit SSD. I have to get a solution now....! I need to remove my main account now from this device with big troubles. Paying so much money year over year and now this year much more again.... good solved on iphone, so it is POSSIBLE to DO and such a standard feature isnt available since years..., big joke!
  2. Any other workaround available? this download pdf with download butten and then change to download location, then drag&drop from there - uff, this is really stopping my efficency not having this drag and drop for pdf anymore after paying for 8 years premium fees here (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829) has not solved it as reported already thanks for every help
  3. Versio (270217) Public 6 pictures rotated and increased notesize from 24MB to amazing 64MB - took me about 20 minutes on a i7L640@2.13GHz 4GB RAM W7-32 Ulimate. It is not nice to work that way and uses too much valuable time of my life...!
  4. please enable this featuer again, I miss it so much and it is resulting in extrawork slowing me down endless which you try to avoid. I help myself now as follows: - win/PrtSc - cut/clip the screen - mark at EN, ctrl c - go to word, ctrl. v - mark it, ctrl c and - go to outlook msg and ctrl v WAY to FAR, isnt it... thanks a lot for fast set back this again
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