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  1. On Windows, I'd like to be able to: Press a hotkey Have that image captured in evernote Right click and choose ANNOTATE, rather than "annotate with another program" and then having to browse through the list of other image editors to find the one I want.
  2. Skitch is pretty good, but it doesn't handle very large images well, and generally slows down my otherwise fast PC. Can I set an alternative editor to use after capturing a screenshot? I know that I can manually right-click and choose "Annotate with..." but I want the alternative editor to open when I take the screenshot.
  3. When I search and find a Note, I can see what Notebook it is in. However, I can't see where the Notebook is. Often, I want to find and open that Notebook to see what other notes are in it, or to move it around.
  4. The default size it very small for my tired old eyes (even with reading glasses). I do NOT want to have to modify the font size of all existing (1000+ ) notes. Also, the notes have varying text sizes, so I I'd have to modify bits and pieces of each note. I just want to essentially "zoom in" to make the text larger. -Clay
  5. Great solution! Is this the IFTT recipe? Is the "save Favorited Instapaper article" and "save highlights" in the SAME recipe? Is there any way to move the highlights to the beginning (i.e., Prepend them)?
  6. Evernote web clipper has the same effect as copying and pasting. I'll just stick to pasting into the Evernote windows desktop app.
  7. Firstly, BRAVO for having the BACK button work. That's a HUGE benefit in matching my Mental Model to the UI Model. Humans will often think in terms of "what was that think I was looking at a minute ago". It's things like that which make it much better than Google Keep. It would be great (and I bet fairly simple) to have a FORWARD button as well. (or an un Back button). So if I looked at item 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 I could go BACK BACK to 4, 3. Then FORWARD to 4, 5 Basically it lets me move backward AND forward in time.
  8. I'm trying to paste text from BookCision (which is an html based "extraction" of my Kindle book notes). Running into several problems: Formatting varies from Web to Desktop Evernote version. When pasting into Evernote Web (in Chrome) vs. Evernote Desktop (Windows 10, up to date) the formatting is slight different in a really frustrating way: The Location field is left aligned (should be right aligned). This makes it very difficult to scan the text. see attached screenshot. In the Desktop version, the alignment of the Location is correct but I get a double || indicator See "double..." screenshot. I'm pretty sure it was NOT doing this a few weeks ago.
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