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  1. Hi DTLow, I see the same thing in the menu system and it works if I select it from there. So you’re finding that hitting Command-‘ works just fine for you then? I was hoping to avoid a complete uninstall of Evernote. Marc
  2. Version 7.13 (458080 Direct) Editor: 69.1.8237 (1f0aea9) macOS 10.15 (19A602) (latest supplement included as of today) Just completed a fresh install of Catalina on my iMac. After installing Evernote and testing it, I find the other keyboard shortcuts that I use regularly (Command-Ctrl-M, Command-L, etc.) are working fine but the Edit Tags shortcut (Command-') does nothing. I can see the shortcut in the "Note" menu next to "Edit Note Tags" I checked System preferences and cannot find any conflicts under Keyboard shortcuts. Indeed nothing happens at all when I press the key combination regardless of the context. I've reinstalled Evernote (just deleted the app from the applications folder and re-downloaded it and dropped the new copy into applications). I've restarted the Mac multiple times (for various other reasons as I've been installing other software as part of my fresh install). I'm plumb out of ideas at this point. I really prefer to either use the mouse only OR the keyboard only as much as possible, so my workflow is missing this helpful little shortcut. Any other suggestions would be welcome. Thanks! Marc
  3. The Amazon option for the Web Clipper is very good for dropping all the extra stuff from a product page. A little *too* good in that there is some very relevant product information that is missing and needs to be added manually. Just as I sometimes want the "Customer Reviews" I often also want the "From the Manufacturer" claims for reference. I use these clips as part of my "user manual" for products since they will often have information either not included or presented very well in the actual Owners Manual.
  4. Well, it's March 15, 2015 and this is still an issue. I have documents that I *know* are in Evernote but are not returned to me in even simple, one word searches on my Mac client. Interestingly, using the web-based Evernote client seems to return more accurate search results. I've been a premium member for coming on 5 years now and am somewhat dismayed that something like "Work Chat" is so aggressively shoved down my throat but basic PDF searching is still an issue. Before we embark on even more "gee whiz" features, can we please get the basics nailed down across all the supported platforms? I have another ticket open right now where Evernote occasionally forgets to index swaths of my notes and I need to ping support to reset my account to try to sweep up the missed items. It's a bit scary for me that there are things I've put into Evernote that all but the most targeted search may never find again. Search is Evernote's core competency, please work to maintain that competency!
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