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  1. Unfortunately, as of today, the web client still insists on sorting by relevance regardless of the setting you have chosen for your notebooks. For the life of me, in any product, not just Evernote, I have never seen any value in "By Relevance" as a sort order for search results. I don't know what definition of "Relevance" is being used, but it has never resulted in anything but a random mish-mash of results slapped together with none of them being terribly relevant to my search need. "By Updated" is the only way I've ever found the results to show up in any useful /useable manner. It
  2. Thanks PinkElephant, but this issue occurs across all my browsers, Safari, Chrome and both Firefox (which I only began using 2 weeks ago) and MS Edge which I used for the first time on a newly built Win 10 machine. So it appears to be an issue associated with my Evernote account. Marc
  3. Just to wind this up. I eventually migrated to Mojave and rebuilt my Mac from scratch. I was never able to regain the Cmd-' functionality so I just enlisted BTT (Better Touch Tool) and created a Cmd-' keyboard shortcut that invoked the menu shortcuts: Note; Edit; Note Tags. It's seamless and is a proper workaround for this bug. Regards, Marc
  4. Now that Evernote has essentially blocked all access to submitting support tickets for paying customers. Is there ANY way to get ahold of these guys to report a problem? A phone number? The address of the beach where they bury their heads so as not to hear customer concerns? I don't want to use a public forum and spend the next week with people misreading my post and asking me if I've tried turning it off and on again. Trying to access the link suggested above (or any other link that might possibly take me to evernote support) immediately dumps me on a screen that tells me I've
  5. Hi DTLow, I see the same thing in the menu system and it works if I select it from there. So you’re finding that hitting Command-‘ works just fine for you then? I was hoping to avoid a complete uninstall of Evernote. Marc
  6. Version 7.13 (458080 Direct) Editor: 69.1.8237 (1f0aea9) macOS 10.15 (19A602) (latest supplement included as of today) Just completed a fresh install of Catalina on my iMac. After installing Evernote and testing it, I find the other keyboard shortcuts that I use regularly (Command-Ctrl-M, Command-L, etc.) are working fine but the Edit Tags shortcut (Command-') does nothing. I can see the shortcut in the "Note" menu next to "Edit Note Tags" I checked System preferences and cannot find any conflicts under Keyboard shortcuts. Indeed nothing happens at all when I press t
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