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  1. I'm confused. There is no video and all of the note links are green on that page. Aren't yours? I think what Adjusting meant to say is that "Copy note link" ought to give you a green link (internal one) and "Share>Copy Share URL to Clipboard" will give you a blue link. If this is not happening, could you post a screenshot of a note with these odd links in it? Thanks! On that blog post they are all green, but the internal note links in my Evernote are blue when I select "copy note link". The only way I get the green links is by using the drag and drop method that you recommended (which is a good tip, thank you!) I can file a bug report for the blue links I keep getting Either way, I'd still love to be able to change the color of external links to something else. Wish there was more demand for it, it seems like I'm the only one
  2. Oh, interesting. For internal notes I've been right clicking and then selecting "Copy note link" and pasting that into a note. That gives me a blue link for the notes. It's also how they do it in one of their blog posts: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2012/04/13/quick-tip-create-a-table-of-contents-using-note-links/
  3. Blue links are external links. Green links are Note Links (Note->Copy Note Link). Both show up as blue for me on Mac. Either way, It would be great to be able to change the colors. Not a fan of the blue
  4. I see that you can change it manually, but that's such a hassle and it just switches right back to that awful blue color once you move the link anyway. I'd much rather have it be Evernote green!
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