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  1. Yes, it was lhodges26 in the "Get Early Access to Tasks" part of the forum who suggested singing out and back in, but, he did not include the computer reboot and clicking thru the Tasks Tutorial popup.
  2. Ok, I got rid of it by signing out of Evernote and checking the box to remove data from this computer. Then rebooted the computer, got a big Win 10 update, signed in again to Evernote, but this time, when the tutorial window introducing the Evernote "Tasks" update appeared, I clicked, "Maybe Later". Thank you lhodges26 for posting the partial solution. You didn't include the computer reboot step.
  3. Ok, I got rid of it by signing out of Evernote and checking the box to remove data from this computer. Then rebooted the computer, got a big Win 10 update, signed in again to Evernote, but this time, when the tutorial window introducing the Evernote "Tasks" update appeared, I clicked, "Maybe Later".
  4. This new "Tasks" version is leaving this widget stuck on the window and there is nothing I seem to be able to do to move it, close it. I tried one suggestion, signing out and having all data removed from device and signing back in but that did not work. I guess I'll try it again and reboot computer. Running Windows 10. Maybe I will just have to uninstalll the Evernote desktop and uninstall and see if that works.
  5. I tried lhodges26 solution above and it did not resolve the issue.
  6. Having same problem. Tasks is just a nuisance for me with that widget or whatever it is in the way.
  7. I am having same problem. I didn't ask for this update and felt insulted by the overbearing agreement we had to sign. Maybe I will find a use for this new feature, but for now, it is just a nuisance.
  9. I do a lot of clipping of articles and have been noticing that some seem to be harder to clip or cannot be clipped at all. I clipped one from The New Yorker but in Evernote all the tool bar features were greyed out. So, I think your answer makes the most sense, but, I still believe, without evidence I will admit as I don't know Web page technology, that they would like to disable clipping so you have to pay. Totally understandable, in spite of the cry "the web must be free", they obviously have expenses and I have no right to copy their content. Of course there are sites such as Pocket, where you can read articles and save them on your account. And, my clipping can almost be a type of hording, as I rarely return to the content I have clipped. There just may be a talking point that I want to save that I think might be useful in a discussion or argument.
  10. My totally speculative theory is that web sites are being created to incapacitate, disable, or diminish functionality of any kind of clipping in order to force readers to register and even subscribe thru a paywall. Does anyone else have an opinion or actually have technical evidence of, again, my totally speculative theory? I decided to find out myself and tried several search terms in Duck Duck, and limiting search time to only search the last year, and this search sentence "stop website copying" seemed to be the most successful with only two results that could be considered as addressing the issue. The first is from a site called "Webginner.com" and title is, "How to Prevent Text Selection and Copy/Paste in WordPress (Easy)", and here is the URL: https://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-prevent-text-selection-and-copy-paste-in-wordpress-easy/ The second is from the clippers perspective at "askleo.com" entitled, "How Do I Copy Text from a Copy Protected Website?" at this URL: https://askleo.com/copy-from-a-copy-protected-website/ I then used the search phrase "protect website coppying clipping", and did not seem to get results. You can try yourself. Just to be sure I wasn't missing out on something due to my concern that Duck Duck Go is not as effective a web browser as Google I tried the search phrases "protect website from clippers" and "protect website from being copied and the second search produced these results using the Google search engine; "Proven methods for protecting content from being copied" from this URL: https://seranking.com/blog/protecting-content-from-being-copied. Here is a summary of that article; "What are the consequences of website content being copied?" and these are the reasons listed less the explanatory text for each reason: 1. Traffic loss. 2.Drop in rankings. 3.Decreased reader loyalty. 4.Search engine sanctions. 5.Updated website information. Of course what is ironic is that I did copy these summary content from that web site. And it is important to note that most of the protection sites seemed more concerned about plagarism and stealing the website content or structure for re-use as a website by the copier.
  11. I don't keep up with Evernote news, I just use it for personal journaling and I pay at the basic level. But they did eliminate all the third party add-ons, correct?.... and there was a calendar add-on which is no longer available. But, you could still view Evernote in a kind of calendar view if in the icon called "view options" options you selected "card view" and then from the View menu de-selected "Note Panel". The reason one might want to do this of this was to see the titles of your notes in a calendar format and then click on the note from that format to read the entire note. You could possibly see an entire months note tittles at a time. But now that is not an option any more. So I am going to download the free version of OneNote and see how it works and if this calendar view functionality is available. If it is in the paid version and is not too much, I might just dump Evernote and switch to OneNote. I just don't see why they could not make a calendar view available. It looks like Evrernote is primarily for business use but not for personal use. More money in that market I guess, with multiple licensing. One other complaint is that they have been promising for some time to make pdf exports available. But nothing is happening.
  12. I am having the same problem since the last update the other day. And my next step was to try and uninstall and re-install it, but that did not work for you, very discouraging. But I guess I'll try it myself. It is awfully frustrating not to get any support, and, I am a Premium, paid, user and have been for a number of years.
  13. Since the latest upgrade, this afternoon, 4/13/21, the Desktop version of Evernote will not open. I have rebooted the computer several times, once completely shutting it down, waiting a few minutes to make sure all systems were down, and then turning it back on. I have Evernote Premium running on Windows 10 Pro V 2004 on a Lenovo Thinkpad with an I5 processor with 8 gigs or RAM. Here is the file location on my hard drive: C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Programs\Evernote\Evernote.exe I have had Evernot for several years without this kind of problem. Maybe I should uninstall Evernote Desktop and re-install it? Also, I am posting here because many of the subforums were greyed out in the Forum/Subforum selection window.
  14. Allow note types added from green button on side bar to be inserted in the same note. Now they always create their own separate note. I am not advocating for removing that, but, it is one of the most simplistic features usually added in all note taking products; its addition does not impress me. I know that buttoned, numbered, and checklists can be added via the function bar or whatever its called at top of note, but why not add the functionality I am talking about within a note, as well as it being a single note devoted to that one task.
  15. I also want the ability to edit the snippet image that appears in the sidebar. It should be an easy fix. I found the picture could be open in an image editor, but saw no way to delete or replace the image.
  16. I am replying to myself: WRONG: Card View still exists. I don't use it frequently and have to blunder around the Evernote interface to find it. It is in the notebook icon in the "Note List" under "View". Still, it does not seem it would be too hard (I don't really have any idea how hard it could be) to expand this into a full fledged Calendar View, where the note snippets appear in a regular calendar. I am not sure what blackfish 1987 meant when he wrote complaining of the apparent removal "old expandedcard view".
  17. I did a search for card and found this post dated Oct 8: "Bring back ExpandedCard View blackfish1987 posted an idea in Evernote for Mac Requests (Versions 10.0 and above) I really like the old expandedcard view. It is easy to navigate, visually appealing, while showing previews of each articles. I don't have to look into each title to find what I need. This is a good design and I love it. The new Evernote 10.0 resolves many problems, lays a solid foundation for futu..." So I guess Card View is gone for both Mac and PC? It was the closest thing to a calendar that existed in Evernote and I have heaved wondered if they could display the notes in Card view why not just go all the way and have a calendar view? Why not, Evernote? And why did you remove Card View?
  18. I agree. I have never understood if they could implement card view, why not just go al the way and implement a calendar view? Now nothing even close to it.
  19. I do not see why this has not been implemented. It is somewhat possible by selecting "Cared View" from the "View Options" on the right hand top corner of the screen and then from the "View" dropdown tab on the left side and checking "Note List" and unchecking "Note Panel" A calendar view will appear, but without the usual Sunday - Monday or Monday thru Sunday layout the way you usually want. I guess it is a minor annoyance that I can put up with, but it seems like it would be pretty easy for the Evernote people to implement. I tried Tusk Calenders several years back but could never really get into it, and now it is discontinued. I like to lay it out in Calendar view to see trends in my life. I keep a journal/log. Oh, and also I am using it in the PC based WebClipper and not online. Anyway, I just thought I would ask if anyone had another tricks. Thanks
  20. I was going to do the integration of Gmail and Evernote and read the "Learn about the risks" section from Google concerning what the integrating App, in this case Evernote, will have to your Google Account. But I am more concerned about what access Google will have to the content of my Evernote notes? I think everyone knows that Google is primarily a tracking and advertising company more than a search engine. I use Duck Duck Go as my search engine now and Firefox as my primary browser because of its anti-tracking features. I could not find any info on this subject in the Evernote section on Gmail Integration. So what access does the Evernote Gmail integration app give Google to your Evernote content and account? I would think Evernote would have an explanation of this somewhere. Thanks for any replies.
  21. Hey, thanks for that tip. I have ust ignored the left panel becasue of it using screen space but now I will start using it. Thanks again for the reply.
  22. In the Notebook dropdown list, notebooks can be "stacked" into groups, but there are times when navigating the list I would like to close the notebooks in the stack for easier navigation. Maybe some might say I have too many notebooks. I do use labels, but, I am kind of old fashioned and want to stick to this method.
  23. I am responding because I am was searching for a solution and this request sounds similar to my much simpler desire: Is there a way to have self-updating note template, or not necessarily a template. bit as OP posted, an "auto-updating dynamic content across multiple notes".? For example, if you wanted to create a running To Do list that would automatically populate every new note that you created and then when it was updated, by deleting and adding items, would automatically carry those changes on to the next new note that you created by simply clicking the "Create a new note" button? If I am understanding the replay from CalS, that is not now possible in EN. Maybe I will try the solution CalS proposes, if I understand it.
  24. I don't know how related this idea is, but I posted it in "Features Request" also, and my repost it in other forums and as a standalone post in this forum. Is there a way to have self-updating note template? For example, if you wanted to create a running To Do list that would automatically populate every new note that you created and then when it was updated, by deleting and adding items, would automatically carry those changes on to the next new note that you created by simply clicking the "Create a new note" button?
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