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  1. This thread is a life-saver for our entire company workforce and school system of many hundreds of users. I rarely comment on Evernote message boards because generally speaking the software works as intended and has been consistent in quality for years. Somehow, Evernote 10 is completely unusable and inoperable. I won't go into details as it's clear from this thread - apart from it being a slow/sluggish, incompatible, lack of keyboard shortcut, and slashed essential feature-set version - all developed over years of customer research and discovery (ie. listening to your fanbase), that I am at a loss for words at how this release came into existence to be quite frank. I am thankful for this legacy release being able to run off the same database without requiring an entire rework or overhaul of our workflows. I am usually an advocate of updates and advancement in UI/UX, functionally, etc. However, EN 10 fails on all accounts as voted by our many users. As I am sure all of your paying longtime power users will attest, please revert back to the power, robustness, feature packed, speed, efficiency, and reliability of EN 7. Thank you, Long time user and EN fan
  2. Agreed. The Evernote Watch app is in desperate need of a functionality update and upgrade. Also, I cannot seem to find the app anymore in the watch app store?
  3. Yes, this is high priority for our students as well. We have Evernote premium accounts for our writing classes of hundreds of students and have been trialing the transition in a few classrooms to alternative writing software such as Focused to eliminate distractions while our students write. We have considered something like this: https://setapp.com/how-to/how-to-write-distraction-free It would be very similar to Evernote's "Presentation" mode that ALLOWED text editing (writing). Our students continue to press the "Presentation" mode and attempt to type; frustration ensues when they realize they cannot type in "Presentation" mode. @Evernote, could you please add a text edit feature into Presentation mode or alternatively add a "Distraction Free" writing mode? This way we would not have to transition our classes to alternative software. Thanks for your consideration. Howie
  4. This has been happening to me for 2 years now. I often use the shortcut: command + option/alt + 3 -> which jumps me to the Tags section of evernote. I am on MacOS Sierra, version 10.12.6. Using Version 7.5.1 (457132 App Store) of Evernote. However, this has been happening to me through all of the versions for the last 2 years. It only crashes about 3-4x/week, and with extensive use that is not terrible (which is why I never bothered to report).
  5. I agree. I am a little TOO locked into Evernote + Lastpass. I use the passphrase reminders, have about 20 of them now. Passwords however should be unique, 12+ characters long with unique characters. This is not very conducive to "passphrase reminders". Thus, the only reasonably safe method to keep sensitive information in Evernote is to use Lastpass to generate a unique password, use that password to encrypt each text in Evernote, and then dig up ALL encrypted messages throughout Evernote at the frequency you feel comfortable updating your password (I would recommend, at a minimum once per year, ideally more). The entire process is simply untenable over time. Note: each time you encrypt a text in Evernote, it doesn't prompt you to enter a new passphrase. I did notice a new feature however - Evernote encourages you to use the same passphrase for all encrypted notes, and prompts you to NOT change the password. However, there is no way to change the passphrase for all past notes. Thus, you are correct. Time to diversify and wean myself off Evernote -> download my personal Evernote database (export for offline use) + keep with my password manager.
  6. This is a very relevant topic. I have old notes with my old encryption pass-phrases. It is scary because there's no way you'll remember all of the passphrases over time, nor is it smart to keep your passphrase the same for all of eternity... The fact that passphrases are not consistent, lastpass + evernote is also something I've started to implement slowly. Evernote needs to REALLY step up their encryption/security game. It's BAD. I know Evernote's response will be, "Don't use Evernote for sensitive information". Easier said than done. I won't even get into the fact that Evernote truly needs to implement an app Passcode lock for Macbook/Desktop versions of evernote (similar to what they have on iPhone app). It is unacceptable and rather absurd to be missing this feature on desktop. Again, I know Evernote's response will be, "You should have a passcode lock for access to your PC/Macbook and you will be fine". Again, for any power user of evernote, most will agree the above responses are... aggravating(?) to say the least. Of course power users will have implemented the above already.
  7. So I upgraded to the new beta, and still no luck with editing PDF files in preview. Rather than saving to the original file (which it used to do), an essential function keeping files synchronized and a seamless workflow, it asks to create a copy of the PDF. This would mean, each time I make some edits to a file, I would have to save a new file on the desktop, and drag that new file back into the same evernote note (deleting the initial attachment, and replacing it with the new), and synchronizing, to have access to the edited file in evernote. To see how it should actually work - editing MS Word documents continue to function properly in Evernote. You open the attached file in MS Word. MS word opens, you edit the file. File -> Save. And Evernote updates the attachment. Everything is synchronized. You only have one file - an up to date working document across all of your devices. Not sure where along the way PDF editing in third party apps.... NOTE : I tested this using PDF Pen Pro (instead of Apple's Preview). It worked like it should - updating the existing file. Something about the Preview app is not allowing Evernote to update the existing file which is ashame.
  8. This is really important and exciting to get fixed! The annotation capabilities are useless when it comes to filling out extensive PDF forms. Prior to this problem, I could work my way through an extensive application using PDF Pen Pro or Preview, checking off boxes, throwing in signatures, filling in text boxes, click save, and the file would be synchronized for me to access and edit the PDF file anywhere else. Now, as we all know, it tries to make a copy of the file and save it somewhere else. For whatever reason, this problem does NOT exist for Microsoft Word documents for example. I can open the document, edit, and save it, and it will save the updated file within my Evernote database without trying to create a copy of it somewhere else.
  9. Thanks! Why are all these people talking about it, but nobody voting for it (except me now +1)? https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/101199-merge-note-improvement-request/?comment=437319&do=findComment
  10. @Antonia @ jj Select the text you'd like to have encrypted --> click Edit from menu --> select "Encrypt selected text"
  11. @DTLow Regarding point two, I am always paranoid of the 'best' way to replace a file (ie. pdf or word document) within a note if the file has the same name... For your Step 2 above, after saving the new file to the desktop, what is the exact order of actions you take to replace the original? I've tried it in the past and it had reverted back to the old document at times. I have had luck with the following: 1. delete the original word/pdf/excel file inside the note 2. click and drag the new file into the note (with the exact same name... ie. newchapter.doc or bug.pdf) 3. hit the sync button to make sure it syncs the new file Is this what you do? Thanks! ps. I really do hope this gets fixed! I've been a devout EN power user for years... but things have been getting rough for me with all of the following issues: - EN spontaneously threw 2000+ notes into the trash without my knowing.... surprise discovery!! (it may have been preceded with EN crashing, cannot say for sure (ticket submitted) - encryption/password protection feature has always been horrendous (except on iPhone): require password protecting entire notebooks... I currently have hundreds of little text notes in evernote encrypted, and the fact that it allows any password for any little text snippet... well over the years as my passwords evolved and I forgot about those notes, I now find myself unable to unlock many of my text notes from years back (my fault, I know... but I just wish there was a global password for large notebooks). - merging notes on a mac does not provide ability to order the way notes are merged - Annotation + editing word/pdf/excel documents in Preview/etc. (above) ........ Oh boy
  12. @Michael Harrison Indeed that is genius... thanks! It DOES sound potentially dangerous though haha - using at own risk... hmmm, any potential pitfalls here.... ?
  13. Agreed, very nonsensical. Is there a bug or feature request page created to request this fix for Mac - to control the ordering of merged notes? Where would one find such a feature request... I would vote for it
  14. Interesting find @eric99! Thanks for sharing. It has kick-butt reviews on the Google Play store, 4.5/5 stars with >62,000 reviews. Easy notebook encryption is what we currently need for our school and individual PDF encryptions to export into EN is rather janky and unproductive. Xodo looks to be an alternative to PDF Pen Pro on the Mac, or PDF Expert on iOS, correct me if I'm wrong. A powerful PDF editor yes, but that seems to be about it? These two apps mentioned, and even Preview for Mac offers password encryption of PDF's. Thanks!
  15. Hi DTLow, Thanks but no correction is needed - I suppose you didn't ready my post entirely. We just said the exact same thing My request above is simple what you and I both just said: Thanks
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