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  1. I posted here before, over a year ago in great frustration. I primarily use Evernote web clipper to clip recipe pages which I organize into the digital cookbook I am creating with Evernote. I was a premium member during all that time. After months of getting duplicate notes, I decided to downgrade to being a plus member. After reading the several recent posts sent to me as thread updates, I realized, and checked my files to be sure, that I haven't gotten a single duplicate since I downgraded! My web clipping and filing procedures and devices haven't changed, only my membership level. For whatever it's worth...
  2. Having the same problem, but only when using my ipad mini with the web clipper for IOS Safari. Everything is current and updated. I clip a note, choose the notebook to send it to and I end up with 2 of the same note. Both notes sync across all platforms. I have to manually remove each duplicate. Please resolve this bug!
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