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  1. I have had this problem for months and just solved it today. It seems to be a problem with shared notebooks. i.e. notebooks others had shared with me. I submitted a ticket with Evernote and they read my log. Said a linked notebook was causing it and they asked me to delete the notebook and empty trash. Said to add back later if I wanted by contacting the owner who shared it with me. Evernote shared it with us as "Evernote User Stories," heh heh. Following these instructions, I still had the problem. I looked at my log, and I had another shared notebook. I deleted that and the problem is gone. So for me anyway, the shared notebooks caused the problem.
  2. My trash is empty and I have completely cleaned my computer. I have this problem and have had it for weeks.
  3. I have the same problem. The emailed notes seem to go into the last notebook I was in on my client. Very irksome.
  4. Here is what he is doing: Hi Leslie – Happy to share the way that I am doing this. I am not using the web version, but instead using the Evernote Cloud API (Application Programming Interface) for Java that is available to users. Basically, I have a custom written piece of Java software that runs hourly (or ad hoc) that connects from my PC out to the Evernote Cloud environment and uses the API to make the updates
  5. Yeah, I'm also a health care professional. and this is also the way how I use evernote! I should have discovered evernote 5 years ago! :c I am in healthcare also. There is much I can't upload to EN or Dropbox related to work because of my HCS System's privacy policies.
  6. A friend at work used some Java code to allow his EN notes to be ranked based on tags. So if a note has the name of his boss for example, it rises to the top of his to-do list. Does anyone have a similar function for us non-developer types? Leslie
  7. LeslieG, on 30 Apr 2013 - 13:07, said: Really? I don't use a lot of notebooks, so that might be why I fon't see this. Could you give me details? Also, it is possible that an auto-filing alpha feature is turned on in your account. You might want to take a look at the settings on the web. I honestly don't understand this feature's behavior yet (it hasn't done anything in my experiments), so it may be totally unrelated to your issue. GrumpyMonkey, I have one notebook set as my "default" notebook, so if I do not put in @Notebook, then notes go there. The problem I am having is if I put @Notebook, the notes are still going to my default notebook and I have to move them. You are supposed to be able to put @Notebook #tag1 #tag2 ....etc. and the note will go into the correct notebook with the tags already attached.
  8. Thank Shepherd, that is how they looked. But the next day all my uploads had pdf attachments! I did not think I changed anything in tools. Is there an advantage to having the pdfs showing with pages vs. attachments?
  9. Often I email to @notebook, but the note still goes into another notebook. Leslie
  10. I am having a problem with my ScanSnap application moving documents into Evernote. I have it set up so my scanner goes into a folder in the ScanSnap organizer. I look through the documents, delete, etc. until I have what I want to upload. ScanSnap is scanning in a batch as separate pages. When I am ready, I select the batch and move it to the ABBYY to Evernote folder. The program goes through the upload routine, but when I look in Evernote, I only see the first page of numerous pages. Can anyone help me figure this out? Leslie
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