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  1. I've been a evernote head for the longest time. ..huge advidcator but I have to look into something else now, I have one note on my desktop but have never usedit. . To many things in the past that should be common sense or standard that we have to just wait for. ..we always have to find a work around for things. I still love evernote but god do they make it hard.
  2. I have to comment on here as well... As a paying member I use evernote daily and in both work and personal life. One of my main concerns is this table issue. I have a excel sheet which I update daily on my work computer which I copy into a note... and I can't get the table lines to show and it's always squished. This "seems" like a very silly bug, and would have thought since Evernote is based on taking notes that something as simple as copying a table would have been solved by now. I'm getting very frustrated with things that shouldn't be issues... being issues, such as this. I LOVE evernote but I have to say... common sense isn't so common. I really feel this shouldn't be an issue.
  3. I would REALLY like to see this feature. It only makes sense, if you think that sharing a folder is a great tool, sharing a stack would be even better if working within a team. This feature would be key to me using this within my work seetting (Sheriff's Dept) I hope someone sees this and makes this a priority. If I want to share a case file, but have to individually share evach folder regarding a certain individual, it's gets to be very unorganized and I loose the benefits associated with sharing a folder. ie: say I have a stack for a certain individual, and I have notebooks on other important aspects of the individual, such as drug screen results and/or case notes etc... it doesn't make sence to share the "case notes" file as my other stacks... (or individuals) will also have a "case notes" folder and would be easily confused with other individuals if I can only share the folders. To me this sounds like a no brainer if someone was working on sharing folders... you would think it only makes sense to share stacks as well. I hope this happens... I love using Evernote. It's been great in many areas! But were it lacks, these are rather important features. - Mike
  4. It's now Jan 2013 and still having the same issue. Can't edit source url/set url in the IPad 3 app????? Not sure why this is the case, it seems to be a very easy fix? It's just a field entry which you just need to make editable. Any way of getting this done?
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