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  1. Thank you. I used 'with the label' meaning 'named 'note conflict in ...''. I can't resolve the conflict as despite the 'note conflict' note and the other one (Dates) being identical, the 'note conflict' note is still there. Evernote didn't create a Notebook, it just stored a version of the alternative note and won't allow me to remove it. I wouldn't dare delete the 'conflict' note for fear of losing the later, correct note too!
  2. For over a year I have had 'note conflict' showing on two notes. I'm utterly frustrated by the impossibility of solving these. I have just deleted the unimportant note entirely, but one is important. With this I have just copied the entire latest version of the note (which in itself isn't easy as there is no 'select all' option and a wrong touch meant that several times I lost all the copied highlighted area and had to start again - the virtual keyboard was also in the way all the time) and pasted it on to the old conflicting note. I then went through the whole process of copying (again with d
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