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  1. Thank you. I used 'with the label' meaning 'named 'note conflict in ...''. I can't resolve the conflict as despite the 'note conflict' note and the other one (Dates) being identical, the 'note conflict' note is still there. Evernote didn't create a Notebook, it just stored a version of the alternative note and won't allow me to remove it. I wouldn't dare delete the 'conflict' note for fear of losing the later, correct note too!
  2. For over a year I have had 'note conflict' showing on two notes. I'm utterly frustrated by the impossibility of solving these. I have just deleted the unimportant note entirely, but one is important. With this I have just copied the entire latest version of the note (which in itself isn't easy as there is no 'select all' option and a wrong touch meant that several times I lost all the copied highlighted area and had to start again - the virtual keyboard was also in the way all the time) and pasted it on to the old conflicting note. I then went through the whole process of copying (again with difficulty) the old text within the note and deleted it. Thus the remaining note (still with the label 'note conflict') was now identical to the newer one. I clicked the end of edit tick, but it remains as a note conflict. I did this on my phone and it synced immediately. Please tell me what to do.
  3. Evernote Team - PLEASE listen to all of this. Give up on V5. I'm back on 3.3 and happy, but now feel I should find something else. I'm one of those who never posts, and here I am - CROSS! I thought it was me being an idiot. Thank goodness I found this forum. and what a shame I need it
  4. Thank you, NighStalker, for the old version link. I have backgraded ( or is it 'downgraded'??).
  5. Maybe it is 'change' but not 'progress'? A similar but different example was with trying to make a booking on the UK YHA website, which had me tearing my hair out in frustration. I then discovered that lots of people had trouble and that this was a new design and the previous version of it ahd been better in many ways - all obviously functional and user-friendly points, some of which I hadn't missed because I ddn't know they existed before. I ahve a lot of experiences where I'm basically told that I'm wrong / a fool / non-typical / unreasonable. I think that if the user has a problem with something that should be useable easily by someone with average intelligence but no experience or knowledge, then that person should be listened to. It seems that this is not the case with EN (I haven't had the time to look at the other thread posted here yet...) Glad I'm not alone! ever111, as you were told you were resistant to change, you must ahve had a non-forum conversation. Would you share how you got to communicate with the EN team?
  6. Why did you change the Evernote design? I hate - HATE - the black. Who decided it should be black? A 20 year-old probably, a designer who ahs never used it, who has tatoos. And 2 minutes ago I updated and you've put a trash/delete option in - Thank goodness, but I can't believe that wasn't there before. Why redesign somehting that works perfectly well? I ahte cahnge for the sake of change. Why all these notepad covers? Why not just grid or list? It was perfect before. Why the complication? I really HATE it and will look for another option, though I don't think there is one. I LOVED my Evernote and am so sad that it has been messed up. I want light and bright for my ideas and inspirations not dark and dull. Sadly yours, Sally
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