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  1. Yes, DTLow -- for sure. My experience of needing to share notes into multiple notebooks is similar. Here is a use-case of how I would *love* to use Spaces: I am a department head at a university. A donor will offer to establish a scholarship for students. They will send me a document with the criteria they want to support. 1) I would like to establish a Space for faculty to review the criteria and make comments that the donor cannot see. I would drag and drop documents describing other scholarships into a Space so faculty get a complete picture. 2) Later I might establish another Space for students with a "Read Me" pinned to the top with information about how to apply. There could be other opportunities included in this Space, like on-campus jobs. The faculty and original donor don't need to see the job listings. 3) In a perfect world, the student could then make their own Space of all the applications they planned to submit, along with their portfolio and essay, etc. Some of those opportunities would be from outside the University, so I would not need or want to know about them. In this case, the key concept would be "drag and drop curating." For example: Ten things have been shared with me. I am going to hide 5 of them. I am going to add my own Read Me and pin it to the top. No other user need have the same document pinned, or even have access to this particular note. I then share my curated space with my colleague. They unhide 1 of my hidden notes because it is relevant to them (but not to me) and pin that to the top of their Space. The relationship is more like between colleagues, not boss and workers. Just a thought.
  2. Some thoughts about Spaces: I would like to create a reference folder where notes and notebooks can be assembled because they share a related subject matter. I realize that is the idea behind spaces, but as implemented now in Evernote, it is not really very useful (to me, at least). I would like to be able to drag-and-drop notes quickly from within my notebooks to create a space. Now I am poking around in menus searching for the right link. I would like to be able to drag a note directly into the "Pinned" box and control how it appears. The new little "title in a box" display might be OK sometimes, but a note preview would work better other times. Especially if the note is an image or PDF. The model you seem to be imagining is that a supervisor will create a Space for his/her subordinates and after a painstaking process of menuing around and double checking it will be pushed out to the minions. Better would be something called "Palettes" (just an idea) where anyone can quickly drag a drop a flexible collection of Notes and Notebooks and move them around to create a palette of information (get it?) to solve a problem. Less like Microsoft and more like Slack. Right? The process for deleting spaces is awkward and dangerous. If you delete a note from a Space, it is deleted from the notebook it originated from. What?! I was just testing Spaces and now you deleted my note? And to delete a space I have to go out the web and dink around in a whole new set of menus? How about "Build" and "Un-Build" a collection? "Curate" and "Disassemble" I dunno. I don't think you folks are thinking very clearly about this whole Spaces project. Maybe try to get beyond the "marketing campaign" model in your examples. There are plenty of existing tools to organize that kind of work. Be bolder.
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